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Enjoying SoCal "Fall"

Jimmy Wilson jimmynotjim

Enjoying SoCal "Fall"
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jimmynotjim /
Created Jul 19, 2012 — forked from imathis/
Tweetbot can use regular expressions to mute tweets in your timeline and mentions.

##Simply annoying Tweets

Annoyingly extended words (4+ of the same letter in a phrase): OOOOHHHHMMMMYYYYGGGGOOOODDDD


Tweet w/ just a single hashtag: #omgthissucks

^ *#[^ ]+$
jimmynotjim /
Created May 9, 2018 — forked from yoavniran/
The Ultimate Unit Testing Cheat-sheet For Mocha, Chai and Sinon

The Ultimate Unit Testing Cheat-sheet

For Mocha, Chai and Sinon

using mocha/chai/sinon for node.js unit-tests? check out my utility: mocha-stirrer to easily reuse test components and mock require dependencies

jimmynotjim / extend.js
Created Apr 18, 2018 — forked from cferdinandi/extend.js
A native JS extend() function.
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* Merge defaults with user options
* @private
* @param {Object} defaults Default settings
* @param {Object} options User options
* @returns {Object} Merged values of defaults and options
var extend = function ( defaults, options ) {
var extended = {};
var prop;

Install OS X 10.10 Yosemite in VirtualBox

(based on this pastebin i've found via Google, markdownified and adjusted to work with the official Yosemite release)

Yosemite's first developer preview was released right after Monday's WWDC opening keynote. For the general public, an open beta will be available to download later this summer. However, for those who want a sneak peek at the new hotness, there is a way to safely install it without risking your machine, using the free and powerful VirtualBox application from Oracle.

(LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This guide aims to explain how to create a virtual machine on a regularly purchased Apple computer, running a genuine Mac OS X operating system, for testing purposes only.)

jimmynotjim / content-kitchen-sink.html
Created Apr 7, 2012 — forked from ericrasch/content-kitchen-sink.html
HTML Kitchen Sink (taken from BlueTrip CSS Framework) includes the major (and minor) HTML tags you might use on any given site.
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<h1>Level 1 heading</h1>
<p>Sed scelerisque sagittis lorem. Phasellus sodales. Nulla urna justo, vehicula in, suscipit nec, molestie sed, tellus.</p>
<h1 class="fancy">Level 1 heading class="fancy"</h1>
<p>Sed scelerisque sagittis lorem. Phasellus sodales. Nulla urna justo, vehicula in, suscipit nec, molestie sed, tellus.</p>
<h1 class="thin">Level 1 heading class="thin"</h1>
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<div class="select">
<select name="select_element">
<optgroup label="Option Group 1">
<option value="1">Option 1</option>
<option value="2">Option 2</option>
<option value="3">Option 3</option>
<optgroup label="Option Group 2">
<option value="1">Option 1</option>
<option value="2">Option 2</option>
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@mixin retina($ratio: 1.5) {
$dpi: $ratio * 96;
$opera-ratio: $ratio * 100;
@media only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: #{$ratio}),
only screen and ( -o-min-device-pixel-ratio: '#{$opera-ratio}/100'),
only screen and ( min-resolution: #{$dpi}dpi),
only screen and ( min-resolution: #{$ratio}dppx) {
View ampersand-can-go-anywhere-pt2.css
/* scss */
#nav {
li a {
color: maroon;
body.admin & { border-bottom: dotted 1px maroon; } // <-- Awesome-sauce right there
&:hover {
color: purple;
jimmynotjim /
Created Dec 18, 2015 — forked from mkivikoski/
A checklist of the qualities you'd like to see your next company have.

We write resumes to convince employers to hire us. What if we created a list for what we were looking for in our next employer and their environment?

This allows both sides to cut through the game of telephone, establish what you are looking for in your role, and define the type of organization you're looking to work for. Fork, modify and add this checklist to your portfolio site to quicken the pace of getting through companies that don't match your criteria.


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// Nav toggle for mobile
(function (w) {
w.navigation = function () {
var nav_open = false,
doc = w.document,
nav = doc.getElementById('nav'),
nav_toggle = doc.getElementById('nav-toggle'),
nav_function = function () {
if (nav_open === false) {