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View Routes.scala
package fitwell.api
import akka.http.scaladsl.model.HttpResponse
import akka.http.scaladsl.server.Directives._
import akka.http.scaladsl.model.StatusCodes._
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContextExecutor
import sangria.parser.QueryParser
import sangria.execution.Executor
View .babelrc
"presets": ["es2015", "stage-2", "react"],
"plugins": [
"env": {
"backend": {
View upload-layout
const fs = require('fs');
var SerialPort = require('serialport').SerialPort;
var serialPort = new SerialPort(process.env['DEVICE'], {
baudRate: 19200,
const contents = fs.readFileSync(process.env.COMMANDS, { encoding: 'utf-8' });
const commands = contents.split('\n');
function runCommand(command, rest, done) {
View .projectile
⊕ cat .projectile (jf-db-docviewer-integration-tests)
View save-button.patch
diff --git a/ops/client/src/toolkits-docviewer/index.js b/ops/client/src/toolkits-docviewer/index.js
index af11735..f3e3511 100644
--- a/ops/client/src/toolkits-docviewer/index.js
+++ b/ops/client/src/toolkits-docviewer/index.js
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ class DocviewerContainer extends Component {
addAnnotation: this.addAnotation.bind(this),
removeAnnotation: this.removeAnnotation.bind(this)}}/>
{hasFields &&
- <EntitiesForm {...{selectedField, annotations, onFocus: this.onFocus.bind(this)}}/>
+ <EntitiesForm {...{selectedField, annotations, onFocus: this.onFocus.bind(this)}} showSaveButton={true}/>
joefiorini / sass-tester-example.scss
Last active Dec 1, 2015
A proof of concept I created in Sept of 2012 showing how unit testing of SCSS code could work. This code was runnable, or close to it, with a runner I wrote, but is not in good enough shape to post.
View sass-tester-example.scss
@import "../base/functions";
$base-size: 10px;
@function to-equal($actual, $expected){
@if $expected == $actual {
@return true;
} @else {
@return $actual;
joefiorini / Global.js
Last active Oct 26, 2015
Named Exports
View Global.js
import {a, b, c} from 'Package'
window.a = a;
window.b = b;
window.c = c;
View activate
export RUBY_ROOT=$(pwd)/vruby/ruby-$RUBY_VERSION
export PATH=$GEM_HOME/bin:$RUBY_ROOT/bin:$PATH
View libxdg_basedir.rb
require 'formula'
class LibxdgBasedir < Formula
url ''
homepage ''
md5 'bd3bb815c9e27fda9c721b9c0b29ddda'
def install
ENV['PATH'] = "/usr/local/bin:#{ENV['PATH']}"
View awesome.rb
require 'formula'
class Awesome < Formula
url ''
homepage ''
md5 '81c7353932dd067cc7a222d9ede1cdd7'
depends_on 'cmake'
depends_on 'lua'
depends_on 'imlib2'