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@joelmoss /README forked from avit/README
Created Dec 29, 2009

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ToadMate Bookmarklet
Adds clickable links to open the file/line from the
stacktrace on Hoptoad ( into TextMate.
Change the lpd variable to your local project directory.
It relies on your project folders being named after the main part
of your domain name ( => /example/).
Drag the javascript to your browser bookmarks bar.
in Hoptoad, if your site url is, and you catch an error:
ExampleException raised in, e.g.:
Click the Bookmarklet, then click the link that appears.
Fix your buggy ass file located at, e.g.:
javascript:lpd='/Users/joelmoss/dev/codaset/';htp=document.getElementsByClassName('url')[0].innerHTML.match(/http:\/\/(www\.)?([^\.]+)/)[2];htt=document.getElementById('backtrace').getElementsByTagName('p');for(i=0;i<htt.length;i++){m=htt[i].innerHTML.match(/^(On line #(\d+) of )?([^ ]+\.(e?rb|haml|builder))(:(\d+))?/);if(m){htt[i].innerHTML=htt[i].innerHTML.sub(m[3],'<a onclick="" href="txmt://open?url=file://'+lpd+htp+'/'+m[3]+'&line='+(m[6]||m[2])+'">'+m[3]+'</a>')}};void(0);
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