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john-guerra / .eslintrc.js
Last active April 7, 2023 16:17
MongoClient Server Code
module.exports = {
env: {
browser: true,
es6: true,
node: true,
extends: ["eslint:recommended", "prettier"],
parserOptions: {
ecmaVersion: "latest",
sourceType: "module",
john-guerra / index.html
Last active March 11, 2022 22:22 — forked from syntagmatic/index.html
Nutrient Parallel Coordinates
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/>
<title>Nutrient Database Explorer</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="parallel.css" />
<div id="header">
<h1>Nutrient Explorer</h1>
john-guerra /
Last active November 3, 2023 11:37
Mongo Airbnb Sample Database

The mongo airbnb sample database

Import it into your local mongo with:

mongoimport -h localhost:27017 --db sample_airbnb --collection listingsAndReviews --file listingsAndReviews.json
// v0.0.67 Copyright 2021 John Alexis Guerra Gómez
import * as d3 from 'd3';
import { map, format, interpolateBlues, interpolatePurples, interpolateBrBG, interpolateOranges, interpolateGreys, schemeCategory10, event, selectAll, select, path, scaleBand, scaleQuantize, range, brushY, mouse, drag, extent, scaleOrdinal, scaleSequential, set, min } from 'd3';
import { interpolateBlues as interpolateBlues$1, interpolatePurples as interpolatePurples$1, interpolateBrBG as interpolateBrBG$1, interpolateOranges as interpolateOranges$1, interpolateGreys as interpolateGreys$1 } from 'd3-scale-chromatic';
import Popper from 'popper.js';
function FilterByRange(opts) {
const first = opts.first;
const last = opts.last;
const level = opts.level;
john-guerra /
Last active March 26, 2021 18:39
Agenda d3 meetup en español
placeholder for uploading gif

Uploading an image

john-guerra /
Created October 22, 2020 13:34
Sample Cars App

An example of a Node + Sqlite + Express app

name age height
John 15 6.6
Andy 24 6.2
Drew 17 6