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Jon Munson jonmunson

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Contract Killer

The popular open-source contract for web designers and developers by Stuff & Nonsense

  • Originally published: 23/12/2008
  • Revised date: 15/12/2013
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Date: [date]

Between us [company name] and you [customer name].


In short; neither of us will share any confidential information about each-other, by any means, with anyone else.

What’s confidential information?

jonmunson / 1. Example.scss
Last active Aug 29, 2015 — forked from Integralist/1. Example.scss
Example of CSS Animation with keyframes
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@include keyframe(fadeout) {
0% {
opacity: 1;
100% {
opacity: 0;
jonmunson / console.js
Created Jun 6, 2014
console.log - Styled text
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console.log('%c Oh I see, you wanna check out my code! ', 'background: #bada55; color: #222');
jonmunson / osx-setup
Created Jul 31, 2014
Setting up a Local development Environment on OSX Mavericks
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# Setting up a Local development Environment on OSX Mavericks
As seen [here](
1. Download Xcode (or run `xcode-select --install` and choose install)
2. Install Command Line Tools
3. Download and install MySQL
4. Set MySQL to launch on startup
5. Show hidden files on OSX by using `defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES`
5. Edit the Hosts file located at `/private/etc/hosts`
jonmunson / update-git-submodules
Created Aug 29, 2014
Update Submodules with Git
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As seen [here](
`$ git submodule update --init --recursive`
jonmunson / send-email.php
Created Aug 31, 2014
Send email from server
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// Use this when posting a form via ajax
// - this file should be above the webroot
//Retrieve form data.
//GET - user submitted data using AJAX
//POST - in case user does not support javascript, we'll use POST instead
$name = ($_GET['name']) ? $_GET['name'] : $_POST['name'];
$email = ($_GET['email']) ?$_GET['email'] : $_POST['email'];
$messsage = ($_GET['message']) ?$_GET['message'] : $_POST['message'];
jonmunson / fonts.scss
Created Nov 20, 2014
Usage of Compass font-face mixin
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@include font-face("AvenirNext-Regular", font-files("AvenirNext-Regular/AvenirNext-Regular.ttf", "AvenirNext-Regular/AvenirNext-Regular.otf"), "AvenirNext-Regular/AvenirNext-Regular.eot");
@include font-face("ChaparralPro-Italic", font-files("ChaparralPro-Italic/ChaparralPro-Italic.ttf", "ChaparralPro-Italic/ChaparralPro-Italic.otf"), "ChaparralPro-Italic/ChaparralPro-Italic.eot");
// For font path issues with this mixin, check this out:
jonmunson / retina-background-images.scss
Created Nov 25, 2014
Mixin for Retina background images
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@mixin background-img ($img,$ext) {
background-image: url($img+'.'+$ext);
@media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (-moz-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2) {
&{ background-image: url($img + '@2x.' + $ext); }
jonmunson / foundation5-accordion-animate.html
Created Feb 11, 2015
Foundation5 Accordion - Animate open/close with js
View foundation5-accordion-animate.html
<script src="/bower_components/foundation/js/foundation/foundation.accordion.js"></script>
//reflow after page load
$(document).foundation('accordion', 'reflow');
//animate open/close
$(".accordion dd").on("click", "a:eq(0)", function (event) {
var dd_parent = $(this).parent();