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Training wolves and dragons

Joseph Rex josephrexme

Training wolves and dragons
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View Redux_explanation.js
// The reducer function looks at each action that comes in
// and based on the type generates a new state based on the
// previous state and any additional data the action carried
const reducer = (state, action) => {
switch (action.type) {
return {
count: state.count + 1
josephrexme / _grid.scss
Last active Jul 26, 2018
Flexbox grid extract from ionic . For a CSS version, you can transpile here
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* Grid:
* Using flexbox for the grid, inspired by Philip Walton:
* By default each .col within a .row will evenly take up
* available width, and the height of each .col with take
* up the height of the tallest .col in the same .row.
* @example
* <div class="row">
josephrexme / The Technical Interview Cheat
Created Mar 17, 2016 — forked from TSiege/The Technical Interview Cheat
This is my technical interview cheat sheet. Feel free to fork it or do whatever you want with it. PLEASE let me know if there are any errors or if anything crucial is missing. I will add more links soon.
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Studying for a Tech Interview Sucks, so Here's a Cheat Sheet to Help

This list is meant to be a both a quick guide and reference for further research into these topics. It's basically a summary of that comp sci course you never took or forgot about, so there's no way it can cover everything in depth. It also will be available as a gist on Github for everyone to edit and add to.

Data Structure Basics

###Array ####Definition:

  • Stores data elements based on an sequential, most commonly 0 based, index.
  • Based on tuples from set theory.
View trumpsort.js
const TrumpSort = (arr) => {
let pushArray = [0];
let wallHeight = pushArray[pushArray.length - 1];
arr.forEach((v, i) => {
if(v > wallHeight) pushArray.push(v);
return pushArray;
josephrexme / svgdefs.svg
Created Feb 2, 2018
Example SVG sprite
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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am josephrexme on github.
  • I am josephrexme ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBa0d3rxEv4t-TsMIGRPL5ZZGKgpq0G0Q2c2PkSrZe1Ego

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View gulpfile.js
var gulp = require('gulp'),
sass = require('gulp-sass'),
concat = require('gulp-concat'),
gutil = require('gulp-util'),
uglify = require('gulp-uglify'),
postcss = require('gulp-postcss'),
nano = require('gulp-cssnano'),
concatCss = require('gulp-concat-css'),
autoprefixer = require('autoprefixer'),
sourcemaps = require('gulp-sourcemaps'),
josephrexme / dabblet.css
Created Feb 16, 2017
The first commented line is your dabblet’s title
View dabblet.css
* The first commented line is your dabblet’s title
.row::before, .row::after{
content: ' ';
display: table;
josephrexme / rspec_rails_cheetsheet.rb
Created Sep 3, 2016 — forked from them0nk/rspec_rails_cheetsheet.rb
Rspec Rails cheatsheet (include capybara matchers)
View rspec_rails_cheetsheet.rb
@user.should have(1).error_on(:username) # Checks whether there is an error in username
@user.errors[:username].should include("can't be blank") # check for the error message
response.should render_template(:index)
response.should redirect_to(movies_path)
josephrexme / fizzbuzz.sql
Created Aug 22, 2016
Fizzbuzz in postgresql
View fizzbuzz.sql
select generate_series as num,
case when generate_series % 15 = 0
then 'fizzbuzz'
when generate_series % 3 = 0
then 'fizz'
when generate_series % 5 = 0
then 'buzz'
else '' end
as fizzbuzz
from generate_series(1, 100);
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