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define :degrees do |degree,scale,root|
the_degrees = {:i => 1, :ii => 2, :iii => 3,
:iv => 4, :v => 5, :vi => 6,
:vii => 7, :_ => nil}
intervals = Scale::SCALE[scale]
intervals = intervals.cycle.take(the_degrees[degree]-1)
note(root) + intervals.reduce(0,:+)
View gist:77c07f45c588e3e0ba68
require 'rubygems'
$LOAD_PATH.unshift '/Users/josephwilk/Workspace/ruby/ashton/lib/'
require "ashton"
class TestWindow < Gosu::Window
#version 110
// Use 3D Simplex noise, even though the shader operates on a 2D
// texture, since then we can make the Z-coordinate act as time.
View retune-dnb.rb
# Live coding example for Retune conference 2014
# 1) Press Run (Cmd+R) to start
# 2) Make changes (e.g. comment in/out various lines in :beats & :amen)
# 3) Press Run again (changes will only be audible from next queue point)
# compute loop length (4 bars), bar & quarter note durations
dur = sample_duration :loop_compus
bar = dur / 4
quart = dur / 16
View gist:dceacbfade02c8901973
puts "adasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasd"
puts "adasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasdadasd
View gist:c6c9ab68e65810a0844f
live_loop :timer do
sleep 1
sleep 1
live_loop :drummer do
sync :timer
play degree(1, :A2, :major)
sleep 2
View zone_finder.rb
require 'open-uri'
require 'fastercsv'
class ZoneFinder
# Creates a ZoneFinder object
def initialize(network_data_path)
@network_data_path = network_data_path
View gist:7936
module ValidationTestHelper
def assert_valid(field, *values)
values.flatten.each do |value|
o = __setup_model__(field, value)
if o.valid?
assert_block { true }
messages = [o.errors[field]].flatten
assert_block("unexpected invalid field <#{o.class}##{field}>, value: <#{value.inspect}>, errors: <#{o.errors[field].inspect}>.") { false }
View gist:21931
Feature: Compile C code into Ruby extensions.
In order to automate compilation process.
As a Gem developer.
I want rake tasks compile source code for me.
Scenario: Compile single extension
Given a safe project directory
And scaffold code for extension 'extension_one'
And 'tmp' folder is deleted
View bag_of_matcher.rb
require 'set'
module BagOfMatchers
class Bag
def initialize(list)
@list =
def matches?(list)
View gist:27481
default: rails
rails: --require step_definitions/common --require step_definitions/rails rails/
browser: --require step_definitions/common --require step_definitions/selenium browser/
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