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(ns overtone.bug
(:require [overtone.midi :as midi]))
(defn ping-event [& _] (Thread/sleep 10) (print ".") (flush))
(defn- detect-midi-devices [] (midi/midi-sources))
(defn- add-listener-handles!
"Adds listener handles to send incoming messages to Overtone's event
stream. Devices that a handler can't be added to are dropped. Returns
View beethoven.clj
(ns explore-overtone.beethoven
(:use []))
;; Starting with this example
;; lets see about trying to get rid of the limitation on sequence
;; length.
;; I'd like to create a composition outside the server in "beat space"
;; (play note N at beat B). I really enjoy working with the
View phasor-skipping-sequencer.clj
(use '[])
(defsynth phasor-skipping-sequencer
"Supports looping and jumping position"
[buf 0 rate 1 out-bus 0 start-point 0 bar-trg [0 :tr] loop? 0 amp 1.0 cb 0]
(let [ph (phasor:ar :trig bar-trg
:rate (* rate (buf-rate-scale:kr buf))
:start 0
:end (buf-frames:kr buf)
:reset-pos start-point)
View gist:7543878
;;TB3 pack
(def trumpet (sample (freesound-path 2323))
(def boom (sample (freesound-path 157523))
(def shock-chord (sample (freesound-path 207365)))
(def heart-beat (sample (freesound-path 92036)))
(def group-talking (sample (freesound-path 30046)))
View gist:7511216
(use '
(def harp-s (sample (freesound-path 27130)))
(def dub-s (sample (freesound-path 185943)))
(defsynth skipping-sequencer
"Plays a single channel audio buffer."
[buf 0 rate 1 out-bus 0 beat-cnt-bus 0 beat-trg-bus 0 start-point 0 bar-trg 0 loop? 0 vol 1.0]
(out out-bus (* vol (scaled-play-buf 1 buf rate bar-trg start-point loop?))))
View gist:7237222
defmodule AmTestTest do
use Amrita.Sweet
def user_pid do
{:ok, pid} = User.start_link("test")
#Works since user_pid is a fn that can be resolved as part of current module
fact "the truth" do
provided [Repo.find_by_email("test") |> user_pid] do
josephwilk / gist:7117116
Created Oct 23, 2013
Music share @ SoundCloud
View gist:7117116
January  16th - Classic and Beginner Guitar  Brendan C & Brian W
February 20th - Working with Overtones Joe w
March 20th - Abelton Mathis P, Dominik, Ozgur
April 17th - Cubase Darius
May 15th - Signal Flow Dominik S
View gist:7098902
;Thought: Clojure destructing not supporting pattern matching means Compojure routes mix
; route matching and data extraction. Hence you validate within a route (since you want the extracted data).
; Route matching should support matching on the properties of the extracted data.
; A route is just a function and I want Erlang style guard statements.
(defroutes app
(GET "/impression/:x" [x] (when (valid? x) {:body "Woo hoo" :status 200}))
(ANY "*" {:status 404 :body "Not found"}))
View gist:6766732
(defmacro pandoriclet (letargs &rest body)
(let [letargs (cons '(this) (let-binding-transform letargs))]
`(let (,@letargs)
(setq this ,@(last body))
,@(butlast body)
(:pandoric-get (sym)
,(pandoriclet-get letargs))
(:pandoric-set (sym val)
,(pandoriclet-set letargs))
View Makefile
wget --no-clobber
cd vendor && tar -k -xf ../otp_src_R16B01.tar.gz
cd vendor/otp_src_R16B01 && ./configure --without-termcap --disable-hipe --without-javac && make
wget --no-clobber -q${ELIXIR_VERSION}.zip && unzip -o -qq v${ELIXIR_VERSION}.zip -d vendor/elixir
${RUN_MIX} deps.get
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