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usage() {
track=`basename $0`
echo "usage: $track <time> <name> [--quiet]"
# Validate usage
View visual mode keep selections
" make < > shifts keep selection
vnoremap < <gv
vnoremap > >gv
View relative line numbers
" relative line numbers
set relativenumber
autocmd InsertEnter * :set number
autocmd InsertLeave * :set relativenumber
joshbetz / Todo.txt to Omnifocus
Created Oct 22, 2011
Import todo.txt file to Omnifocus
View Todo.txt to Omnifocus
set p to "<Path to todo.txt>"
set l to paragraphs of (do shell script "grep . " & p)
do shell script ">" & p
tell app "OmniFocus" to tell document 1
repeat with v in l
make new inbox task with properties {name:v}
end repeat
end tell
joshbetz / possibly_related_posts.php
Created Sep 14, 2012
Suggest posts on 404 pages
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joshbetz / pretty-code-editor.php
Created Sep 18, 2012
Add basic <tab>ing ability
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class Pretty_Code_Editor {
function __construct() {
add_action( 'admin_print_styles', array( $this, 'editor_styles' ) );
add_action( 'admin_print_footer_scripts', array( $this, 'tabs' ) );
function editor_styles() { ?>
joshbetz / UnfullscreenAll.scpt
Created Oct 7, 2012
AppleScript for unfullscreening apps (only works with apps that support AppleScript)
View UnfullscreenAll.scpt
tell application "System Events"
repeat with p in (every process whose visible is true)
my setFullScreen(displayed name of p, 0, true)
end try
end repeat
end tell
Sets the fullscreen status for either the front window or all windows of the specified, *AppleScript-enabled* application.
joshbetz / .zshrc
Last active Dec 10, 2015
A version of ssh-copy-id for the .bashrc file on your Mac.
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ssh-copy-id() {
USAGE="Usage: `basename $0` [-i FILE] user@host"
if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
echo "$USAGE"
View Hazel-secure-files.applescript
-- Set password and file name
set itemPath to quoted form of (POSIX path of theFile)
set passwd to do shell script "openssl rand -base64 32"
set hash to do shell script "openssl sha1 " & itemPath & " | awk -F'= ' '{print $2}'"
-- set file name
tell application "Finder"
set file_name to name of theFile
set file_name to text 1 thru ((offset of "." in file_name) - 1) of file_name
set file_ext to name extension of theFile
joshbetz / nav_walker_nav_menu.php
Last active Dec 12, 2015
WordPress nav menu without lists.
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class v12_Walker_Nav_Menu extends Walker_Nav_Menu {
function __construct() {
add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_args', array( __CLASS__, 'items_wrap' ) );
* @see wp_nav_menu()