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SharpTools Weather Tile Icon Mappings
"chanceflurries": {"weatherIcon": "snow-wind"},
"chancerain": {"weatherIcon": "rain"},
"chancesleet": {"weatherIcon": "sleet"},
"chancesnow": {"weatherIcon": "snow"},
"chancetstorms": {"weatherIcon": "thunderstorm"},
"clear": {"weatherIcon": "day-sunny"},
"cloudy": {"weatherIcon": "day-cloudy"},
"flurries": {"weatherIcon": "snow-wind"},
"fog": {"weatherIcon": "day-fog"},
"hazy": {"weatherIcon": "day-haze"},
"mostlycloudy": {"weatherIcon": "day-cloudy"},
"mostlysunny": {"weatherIcon": "day-sunny"},
"partlycloudy": {"weatherIcon": "day-cloudy"},
"partlysunny": {"weatherIcon": "day-sunny"},
"rain": {"weatherIcon": "showers"},
"sleet": {"weatherIcon": "sleet"},
"snow": {"weatherIcon": "snow"},
"sunny": {"weatherIcon": "day-sunny"},
"tstorms": {"weatherIcon": "thunderstorm"},
"nt_chanceflurries": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-snow-wind"},
"nt_chancerain": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-rain"},
"nt_chancesleet": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-sleet"},
"nt_chancesnow": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-snow"},
"nt_chancetstorms": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-thunderstorm"},
"nt_clear": {"weatherIcon": "night-clear"},
"nt_cloudy": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-cloudy"},
"nt_flurries": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-snow-wind"},
"nt_fog": {"weatherIcon": "night-fog"},
"nt_hazy": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-cloud-windy"},
"nt_mostlycloudy": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-cloudy"},
"nt_mostlysunny": {"weatherIcon": "night-clear"},
"nt_partlycloudy": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-cloudy"},
"nt_partlysunny": {"weatherIcon": "night-clear"},
"nt_sleet": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-sleet"},
"nt_rain": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-rain"},
"nt_snow": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-snow"},
"nt_sunny": {"weatherIcon": "night-clear"},
"nt_tstorms": {"weatherIcon": "night-alt-thunderstorm"}
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joshualyon commented Dec 22, 2020

Updated to include both Weather Underground style icon codes and The Weather Company ( style codes.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground codes are in a descriptive format:

chanceflurries, chancerain, clear, cloudy

There are also night time variants with nt_ prefixed:

nt_chanceflurries, nt_chancerain, nt_clear, nt_cloudy

The Weather Company

The Weather Company codes are numeric:

06 = sleet
12 = rain

In the file above, the definition for each of these is expanded to include a description and indication of it the icon is intended for day, night, or both to make it easier to understand their usages.

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