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jsami / minimial-cedet-config.el
Created December 9, 2015 19:21 — forked from alexott/minimial-cedet-config.el
Working configuration for CEDET from bzr & GNU Emacs (with working C++ & Java name completion)
;;; minimial-cedet-config.el --- Working configuration for CEDET from bzr
;; Copyright (C) Alex Ott
;; Author: Alex Ott <>
;; Keywords: cedet, C++, Java
;; Requirements: CEDET from bzr (
;; Do checkout of fresh CEDET, and use this config (don't forget to change path below)
# Let's suppose that there is a method Set.pickOne()
# which picks randomly an element from a given set
# We also introduce Set.empty which is the neutral element for the union operation (+)
function power_set(items)
if items.empty
return Set.empty
set <- copy(items)
e <- set.pickOne()
ps <- power_set(set.remove(e))
ps <- ps + add(ps, e)