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Josh Teneycke jteneycke

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jteneycke / newpost.rb
Created Oct 14, 2012 — forked from bru/newpost.rb
Creates a new Jekyll post, opens it in Geany, and adds to the git index
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require Dir
unless ARGV[0]
puts 'Usage: newpost "the post title"'
blog_root = "/Users/jrk/proj/blog"
jteneycke / company.rake
Created Oct 26, 2012 — forked from bartimaeus/company.rake
Part of my FatFreeCRM migration rake task. I've added custom fields and roles to this install of FatFreeCRM. The files used by this rake task are generated by another task that downloads them and converts then to csv files using the pipe "|" as the delimi
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# Store rake tasks specific to [company]
namespace :[company] do
# Migrate [Company]'s data into the new CRM
namespace :migrate do
require 'progressbar'
desc "Run all [company] migration tasks"
task :all => [:config, :users, :comments, :accounts]
jteneycke / newpost.rb
Created Nov 27, 2012 — forked from zanshin/newpost.rb
Ruby script to create new Octopress post, isolate it, and open it in an editor
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# newpost.rb new-post-title
# Author: Mark Nichols, 8/2011
# This script automates the process of creating a new Octopress posting.
# 1. The Octopress rake new_post task is called passing in the posting name
# 2. The Octopress rake isolate taks is called to sequester all other postings in the _stash
# 3. The new file is opened in TextMate
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color_0 = ffff ffff ffff
color_1 = 4949 4848 3e3e
color_2 = 6666 d9d9 efef
color_3 = 6b6b c7c7 2b2b
color_4 = fdfd 9797 1f1f
color_5 = f9f9 2626 7272
color_6 = 94bc 5925 ffff
color_7 = 7575 7171 5e5e
color_8 = e6e6 dbdb 7474
color_9 = a6a6 e2e2 2e2e
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alias xclip='xclip -selection c'
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Keyboard shortcuts

  • M-x nrepl-jack-in: Launch an nrepl server and a repl client. Prompts for a project root if given a prefix argument.
  • M-x nrepl: Connect to an already-running nrepl server.

While you're in clojure-mode, nrepl-jack-in is bound for convenience to C-c M-j and nrepl is bound to C-c M-c.

jteneycke / gist:5268487
Created Mar 29, 2013
@function deparam Takes a string of name value pairs and returns a Object literal that represents those params. @param {String} params a string like <code>"foo=bar&person[age]=3"</code> @return {Object} A JavaScript Object that represents the params: { foo: "bar", person: { age: "3" } }…
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function deparam(params) {
if (!params || !paramTest.test(params)) {
return {};
var data = {},
pairs = params.split('&'),
// jQuery Deparam - v0.1.0 - 6/14/2011
// Copyright (c) 2011 Ben Alman; Licensed MIT, GPL
(function($) {
// Creating an internal undef value is safer than using undefined, in case it
// was ever overwritten.
var undef;
// A handy reference.
var decode = decodeURIComponent;
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<script src="processing-1.4.1.js"></script>
<canvas data-processing-sources="codebase.pde hello-web.pde"></canvas>
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for f in `find . -regex '.*\.html\.erb'`; do echo "Converting $f" && html2haml $f > "${f%.erb}.haml" && rm $f; done
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