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jtriley /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
from .devstack import * # pylint: disable=wildcard-import, unused-wildcard-import
def tuple_without(source_tuple, exclusion_list):
"""Return new tuple excluding any entries in the exclusion list. Needed because tuples
are immutable. Order preserved."""
return tuple([i for i in source_tuple if i not in exclusion_list])
jtriley / LSF ipengine job script
Created Jul 22, 2010
LSF ipengine job script
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#BSUB -J ipengine[1-4]
eid=$(($LSB_JOBINDEX - 1))
ipengine --logfile=ipengine${eid}.log
Example CUDA code for Problem Set 0, CS 264, Harvard, Fall 2009.
Takes an input string and mangles it using the current date and
time on the CPU and on the GPU. Demonstrates device initialization
and error checking with libcutil, host<=>device memory transfers,
and CUDA kernel invocation.
To compile:
jtriley / gist:1988754
Created Mar 6, 2012
change TERM=rxvt-unicode in Gentoo to use 256 colors instead of 88
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It comes up as only supporting 88 colors as rxvt-unicode's terminfo database entry has it at 88 colors. If you work on external machines a lot via ssh then what you are already doing is about the best way. If you work primarily on one or a few machines then a custom/local .terminfo database can be simpler.
$ infocmp -L rxvt-unicode > rxvt-unicode.terminfo
$ [editor] rxvt-unicode.terminfo
Find max_colors and max_pairs and change them from...
max_colors#88, max_pairs#256,
max_colors#256, max_pairs#32767,
Those are the values from xterm-256color. Those fields should be near
jtriley / example_config
Last active Oct 7, 2015
Example sshfs plugin and config for StarCluster
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# This is an example config that assumes is either in
# $HOME/.starcluster/plugins or lives somewhere in your $PYTHONPATH
[vol myvol]
volume_id = vol-99999
mount_path = /results
[plugin sshfs]
setup_class = sshfs.SSHFSPlugin
local_mount_path = ~/ec2-results
jtriley /
Created Sep 5, 2012
Combine similar XML files into one document
# From:
# Take a bunch of XML files on the command line and merge them into
# one big XML document.
# The root element will come from the first document; the root elements of
# subsequent documents will be lost, as will anything outside the root
# (comments and whatnot).
import sys
import libxml2
jtriley / ssh_config_ec2
Created Oct 5, 2012
$HOME/.ssh/config for EC2
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Host ec2*
IdentityFile /path/to/your/ssh/key
jtriley / ipy_parallel_push_exec_pull.ipynb
Last active Oct 11, 2015
IPython Parallel Push/Execute/Pull Demo
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jtriley / gist:5295096
Created Apr 2, 2013
Plugin for StarCluster that configures a boto credentials file for the cluster user
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import os
from starcluster import clustersetup
from starcluster.logger import log
aws_access_key_id = %(aws_access_key_id)s
aws_secret_access_key = %(aws_secret_access_key)s
jtriley / config
Created Aug 9, 2012
Example StarCluster plugin that configures environment variables on all nodes
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# This is an example config that assumes is either in
# $HOME/.starcluster/plugins or lives somewhere in your $PYTHONPATH
[plugin env]
setup_class = scenv.EnvPlugin
# add as many key=value pairs as you like separated by ','
env_vars_list = 'PYTHONPATH=/path/to/python/mods, MYENV=some_value'
[cluster default]