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Jake Worth jwworth

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jwworth / from_one_end_to_the_other.rb
Last active Mar 6, 2016
From One End to the Other
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# From One End to the Other: Find the smallest possible
# (positive) integer that ends in a six such that if that six is removed and
# placed in front of the remaining digits of the number, the resulting number
# will be four times as large as the original.
i = 6
loop do
digits = i.to_s.split('')
if digits.last == '6' && digits.rotate(-1).join.to_i == (i * 4)
puts i
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# Week 2 - Vim Buffer: I open up a new Vim buffer and type all the
# numbers 1 to 10,000, separated by spaces. Then, my cat walks on the keyboard
# and somehow activates a substitution command that replaces all the '0’ digits
# (zeros) with spaces. If I now sum up all the numbers in the buffer, as
# delineated by spaces, what is the total?
def vim_buffer(start = 1, limit)
(start..limit).flat_map { |num| num.to_s.gsub('0', ' ').split }.map(&:to_i).reduce(:+)


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jwworth / round-robin.lua
Last active Jan 10, 2016
Round Robin - Lua
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Round Robin
Given 3 Teams (A, B, C), we want to organize a tournament schedule such that every team plays every other team exactly once. Here is a valid schedule for these 3 teams:
A - B
B - C
A - C
How about if we have N teams? Devise a general purpose algorithm that generates tournament schedules for N teams.