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Adapted from
rem(font-size, 28px) will return:
font-size: 28px;
font-size: 1.75rem; */
$basesize-px: 16px;
@mixin rem($property, $values) {
// Create empty lists that we can dump values into
$px-values: ();
$rem-values: ();
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Media query mixin
Adapted from
@include media-query(min, 704px) {}
@include media-query(max, 704px) {}
@include media-query(min-max, 360px, 859px) {} */
@mixin media-query($constraint, $breakpoint1, $breakpoint2: null) {
@if $constraint == "min" {
$emBreakpoint: ($breakpoint1 / 16px) * 1em ;
katrinkerber / Colors.xml
Created May 30, 2011
Dark Dreamweaver theme based on 'minimal Theme' for TextMate ( Optimised for HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. For installation see Set background color to #25221C.
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<syntaxColor id="CodeColor_HTMLEntity" text="#AECD9D" bold="true" />
<syntaxColor id="CodeColor_JavascriptNative" text="#FCFFE7" />
<syntaxColor id="CodeColor_JavascriptNumber" text="#FBAA21" />
<syntaxColor id="CodeColor_JavascriptClient" text="#FCF296" />
<syntaxColor id="CodeColor_JavascriptSpryKeywords" text="#FF6208" />
<syntaxColor id="CodeColor_JavascriptSpryClasses" text="#FF6208" />
<syntaxColor id="CodeColor_TemplateText" text="#999999" />
<syntaxColor id="CodeColor_TemplateCommentText" text="#82806F" />