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Niklas Keller kelunik

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kelunik / HashFunction.ts
Created Oct 6, 2020 — forked from halfnibble/HashFunction.ts
Hash function to debug absolute paths sent to the update chunk hash method in webpack.
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import * as crypto from 'crypto';
import * as fs from 'fs';
import * as path from 'path';
* Interface for Webpack's hashFunction
export interface IHashFunction {
update: (data: string | Buffer, encoding: string) => IHashFunction;
digest: (encoding: string) => string | Buffer;
View stream.php
$confirmedEmails = yield $db->select()
->filter(fn (User $user) => $user->isEmailConfirmed())
->map(fn (User $user) => $user->getEmail())
$pagedConfirmedUsers = yield $db->select()
View timer-replay.php
use Amp\Loop\Internal\TimerQueue;
use Amp\Loop\Watcher;
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
$input = \file_get_contents('/home/kelunik/Downloads/tq-A805-3.log');
$timerQueue = new TimerQueue;
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<VueForm action="/api/test.json">
<FormLabel label="First name">
<FormInput name="firstName"/>
<FormLabel label="Last name">
<FormInput name="lastName">
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gdb --batch -return-child-result --args ./a.out
View MulticastDns.php
namespace Kelunik\LightD;
use Amp\Deferred;
use Amp\Delayed;
use Amp\Dns\DnsException;
use Amp\Dns\Record;
use Amp\Loop;
use Amp\Promise;
kelunik / example.php
Created Apr 17, 2019
Short closure return value handling
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class EventManager {
private $handlers;
public function onEvent(callable $callback) {
$this->handlers[] = $callback;
public function invoke(Event $event) {
View mysql.php
use Amp\Loop;
use Amp\Mysql\ConnectionConfig;
use Amp\Mysql\Pool;
use Amp\Mysql\ResultSet;
use Amp\Mysql\TimeoutConnector;
use Amp\Socket\ClientTlsContext;
use Illuminate\Support\Collection;
View Field.php
namespace Amp\Http\Server\FormParser;
final class Field {
/** @var string */
private $name;
/** @var string */
private $value;
View concurrent-requests.php
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
use Amp\Loop;
use Amp\Artax;
$queue = new SplQueue;
$waiting = new Amp\Deferred;
$http = new Artax\DefaultClient;