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[Down] HeikinAshiKlineSummary { open_time: 1629733740000, open: 49659.82, high: 49674.26, low: 49629.0, close: 49630.01, volume: 169.779, close_time: 1629733799999, quote_asset_volume: 8428987.70956, number_of_trades: 2096, taker_buy_base_asset_vol
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Last active May 4, 2022
How to set-up CUDA, BEAGLE, and MrBayes/BEAST


Bayesian phylogentic programs like MrBayes and BEAST work better when the BEAGLE library is installed. BEAGLE provides these programs with an MCMC sampler using CPU-based or GPU-based computation. Therefore, before compiling or using MrBayes and BEAST, BEAGLE and other prerequisites must be set-up and installed first. Unfortunately, setting-up all these software and libraries can become pretty frustrating very quickly.

Here I show how to properly set-up these programs to keep your frustration to a minimum. Broadly speaking, these instructions are applicable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, because I am specifically recounting my own experiencing setting-up my Linux machine, the more detailed parts of this guide focuses on installing on Linux.

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Last active Jun 23, 2022
Mount VirtualBox shared folder on boot using fstab

How to mount a VirtualBox shared folder when the Guest OS boots


While using VirtualBox's Guest Additions to mount shared folders provides a seamless way to mount shared folders, there are also disadvantages.

  • Shared folders will always mount in /media/sf_(share name) unless specified using through vbox drivers in the guest OS
  • Mounting does not happen at boot-time. Applications that require paths at boot will not be able to access the shared folder even after it is mounted - such as Docker.


Instead of relying on Guest Additions, if you have sudo permissions, shared folders can be mounted at boot-time using fstab. Using this approach allows