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knorrium / .gitignore
Created May 17, 2012 03:57 — forked from bergie/.gitignore
Node.js email handling examples
knorrium /
Created June 2, 2012 14:55 — forked from zspencer/
Bootstrapping like a boss
#symlink gcc to a non-llvm version installed xCode's CLI tools
if [ -f /usr/bin/gcc-4.2 ]; then
sudo rm /usr/bin/gcc
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-4.2 /usr/bin/gcc
sudo rm /usr/bin/cc
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-4.2 /usr/bin/cc
knorrium / polldaddy_v2.rb
Created July 23, 2012 20:10 — forked from kingbin/polldaddy_v2.rb
automate testing a web project :)
# Using the web automation driver (watir-webdriver) through the tor network
# Automates webpage actions & bypasses the voting limit on polldaddy
# Casts a vote every 3 seconds for a total of 1000 votes
require 'watir-webdriver'
profile =
profile.proxy = :http => ''
b = :firefox, :profile => profile
#b = :firefox
b.goto ''
namespace :spec do
namespace :units do
desc "Run unit specs with PATTERN in the spec file name" => "db:test:prepare") do |t|
t.pattern = FileList["spec/**/*#{ENV['PATTERN']}*_spec.rb"].exclude("spec/integration/**/*_spec.rb")
namespace :integration do
desc "Run integration specs with PATTERN in the spec file name"
We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: No commas found in this CSV file in line 0.
mr Marathi
bs Bosnian
ee_TG Ewe (Togo)
ms Malay
kam_KE Kamba (Kenya)
mt Maltese
ha Hausa
es_HN Spanish (Honduras)
ml_IN Malayalam (India)
ro_MD Romanian (Moldova)
// download all flickr images from a given userid
// userid is embedded in this url
$key = "enterkeyhere";
$url = "".$key."&user_id=120759744%40N07&per_page=80&page=";
$append = "&format=json&nojsoncallback=1";
for($i=1; $i<4; $i++){ // 3 pages of 80 images
$uri = $url.$i.$append;
# convert images from source to create buffer frames for blending
convert -verbose flickrcam/*jpg -delay 10 -morph 10 flickranim/%05d.morph.jpg
# run through ffmpeg to combine/transcode to mp4
ffmpeg -r 25 -i flickranim/%05d.morph.jpg flickranim/output.mp4