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Wolfgang Teuber knugie

  • Leipzig
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knugie / use multiple github accounts
Created Feb 4, 2014
use multiple github accounts
View use multiple github accounts
# switching identities in order to use multiple github accounts on one computer, you have to:
# add to ~/.ssh/config according to current github user:
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/<rsa_id_for_current_user>
# set git user globally or locally according to current github user:
git config --local "My Name"
# merge all pdf files from a directory to a single pdf file
pdftk *.pdf cat output out.pdf
# reverse page order of a pdf file
PDFTK_PAGES=$(pdftk in.pdf dump_data | grep NumberOfPages | sed "s/^.*: //")
pdftk in.pdf cat $PDFTK_PAGES-1 output out.pdf
# Strip metadata in pdf
pdftk $PDFTK_FILE dump_data | sed -e 's/\(InfoValue:\)\s.*/\1\ /g' | pdftk $PDFTK_FILE update_info - output out.pdf
View rgb2hsl.rb
def rgb2hsl(r,g,b)
= r.to_f / 255
= g.to_f / 255
= b.to_f / 255
c_max = [r´, g´, b´].max
c_min = [r´, g´, b´].min
Δ = c_max - c_min
h = Δ.zero? ? 0 : (60 * case c_max
whenthen ((g´ - b´) / Δ) % 6
whenthen ((b´ - r´) / Δ) + 2
knugie / sort_quiz_question.rb
Created Jan 10, 2015
ruby sort quiz question
View sort_quiz_question.rb
ary = [['a', :hello], ['b', :foo], ['b', :bar], ['b', :baz], ['a', :world]]
# How do you sort "ary" so equal objects stay in the same relative order to each other?
# "ary" should be sorted by the first element of each entry.
# Try now:
expected = [['a', :hello], ['a', :world], ['b', :foo], ['b', :bar], ['b', :baz]]

OS X Screencast to animated GIF

This gist shows how to create a GIF screencast using only free OS X tools: QuickTime, ffmpeg, and gifsicle.

Screencapture GIF


To capture the video (filesize: 19MB), using the free "QuickTime Player" application:

View kuku_kube_helper.js
/*jslint browser: true, indent: 2 */
(function () {
'use strict';
var rgb, style, idx = 0, store = {}, tiles = document.getElementById('box').childNodes;
for (idx; idx < tiles.length; idx += 1) {
rgb = tiles[idx].style.backgroundColor.split("(")[1].split(")")[0].split(",");
store[Math.sqrt(Math.pow(rgb[0], 2), Math.pow(rgb[2], 2), Math.pow(rgb[2], 2))] = tiles[idx];
style = Object.keys(store).map(function (key) { return [key, store[key]]; }).
sort(function (a, b) { return parseInt(a[0], 10) < parseInt(b[0], 10) ? 1 : -1; })[0][1].style;
xxd -p org.bin | tr -d '\n' > tmp
xxd -p -r tmp > cpy.bin
knugie / showoff2png.js
Created Jun 25, 2012
Render Showoff presentation to png or pdf
View showoff2png.js
/* Render Showoff presentation to png or pdf.
For PNG output:
* Install
- phantomjs
* Run
$> showoff serve &
$> phantomjs ./path/to/showoff2png.js
This will create one png image file per slide.
* For PDF output:
knugie / git_info.rb
Created Aug 17, 2012
print git statistics of users' numbers commits and added/deleted lines of code
View git_info.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# git_reports.rb
# print git statistics of users' commits and added/deleted lines of code
# simply run "ruby git_reports.rb" in a git repository
puts "git log --numstat --no-merges"
# retrieve data
log = %x"git log --numstat --no-merges"
knugie / integer_underscore.rb
Last active Oct 13, 2015
Ruby Integer#underscore
View integer_underscore.rb
# <#Integer>.underscore(n) returns a string, seperating n digits by
# an underscore. n is 3 by default. This is supposed to make
# working with large numbers easier.
# example:
# 1000000000000000.underscore #=> "1_000_000_000_000_000"
# 100_00000_00_0000_00.underscore #=> "1_000_000_000_000_000"
# 987654321.underscore(6) #=> "987_654321"
class Integer
def underscore(s=3)
self.to_s.gsub(/(\d)(?=(\d\d\d)+(?!\d))/, "\\1_")
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