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Install Anaconda on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Note: $ denotes the start of a command. Don't actually type this.

Steps to Install Anaconda on Windows Ubuntu Terminal

  1. Install WSL (Ubuntu for Windows - can be found in Windows Store). I recommend the latest version (I'm using 18.04) because there are some bugs they worked out during 14/16 (microsoft/WSL#785)
  2. Go to to find the list of Anaconda releases
  3. Select the release you want. I have a 64-bit computer, so I chose the latest release ending in If I had a 32-bit computer, I'd select the version. If you accidentally try to install the wrong one, you'll get a warning in the terminal. I chose
  4. From the terminal run wget[YOUR VERSION]. Example: $ wget
  5. Run the installation script: $ bash Anaconda[YOUR VERSION].sh ($ bash (Note: on Windows
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Active Tasks Query in Info Layer Task_DTL table
select distinct wd.first_name,
est_restriction_end_dtm as est_due_date,