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autoimage for Sphinx
import os
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst import directives
from docutils.parsers.rst.directives.images import Image
def find_image(path, filename):
fname = os.path.join(path, filename)
if os.path.exists(fname + '.pdf'):
return fname + '.pdf'
elif os.path.exists(fname + '.png'):
return fname + '.png'
return False
class Autoimage(Image):
option_spec = {'scale-html': directives.percentage,
'scale-latex': directives.percentage,
'scale-epub2': directives.percentage,
'scale-mobi': directives.percentage,
'scale': directives.percentage,
def run(self):
old_filename = self.arguments[0]
env = self.state.document.settings.env
builder_name =
if builder_name == 'latex':
self.arguments[0] = find_image(env.config.image_dir, old_filename)
if env.config.black_and_white:
bw_image = find_image(env.config.image_dir_black_white, old_filename)
if bw_image:
self.arguments[0] = bw_image
self.arguments[0] = os.path.join(env.config.image_dir, old_filename + '.png')
# this doesn't quite work because sphinx stores the previous
# values and share among builds. If I do a make clean between
# each run it works. Yuck.
# I need to run sphinx-build with -E
self.options['scale'] = self.options.get('scale-' + builder_name, 100)
self.options['align'] = 'center'
return super(Autoimage, self).run()
def setup(app):
app.add_directive('autoimage', Autoimage)
app.add_config_value('image_dir', 'figs', False)
app.add_config_value('black_and_white', False, True)
app.add_config_value('image_dir_black_white', 'figs-bw', False)
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