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UID,Name,Score,usecMemTest,usecOpcodes,usecVidMem,usecMemEA,usec3DGames,CPU,MHz,BIOS Info,BIOS Date,BIOS CRC16,Video Subsystem,Video Adapter,Description,Submitter
UID7F5C71D,"IBM PCjr",2,5926,3584,3373,4392,3490,Intel 8088,4.77,"COPR. IBM 1981,1983 (06/01/83, rev. 86)",19830601,7F5C,CGA,"IBM PCjr","Stock, 128KB RAM. This score is accurate -- it is slower because the first 128KB of PCjr RAM is also display RAM and has an additional wait state.",""
UID7481915,"Data General One Model 2",4,4445,2139,2810,2383,2261,Intel 80C88,4,"Copyright (c) 1985 Bitstream Inc",20000101,7481,CGA,"CGA","Data General One Model 2","Carlsson (VCF)"
UID3B854EA,"IBM PC 5150",4,3771,1744,3121,1930,1846,Intel 8088,4.77,"COPR. IBM 1982 (10/27/82, rev. 0)",19821027,3B85,EGA,"EGA"," ","Great Hierophant"
UID502949C,"IBM PC 5150",4,3778,1753,3079,1935,1848,Intel 8088,4.77,"COPR. IBM 1986 (05/09/86, rev. 2)",19820509,5029,EGA,"EGA (Mono)"," ","Great Hierophant"
UID907DC3A6E,"Panasonic Business Partner FX-600",4,3800,1847,