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Building things!!

Kurian Benoy kurianbenoy

Building things!!
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kurianbenoy /
Last active May 29, 2018 16:22
Django Installation


We higly recommend You to install a Linux Distro, preferably it can any Debian based distros like:

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Debian
  3. Linux Mint
  4. Kali Linux

We highly recommend you not to bring Windows Laptops as Django is a free open software and its always nice to work best on Free Open Souce Software instead for Properietary software as it guarantees freedom and is also Free

samagragupta / Samagra.gif
Last active June 27, 2019 10:17
About myself
A simple get function which caches responses for a URL
using a LFU cache
import requests
from collections import Counter
class LFUCache(object):
""" Least frequently used cache with caching done on SET """
gilrosenthal / install script
Created July 4, 2018 20:14 Install on Google Colab
!pip install fastai
!apt-get -qq install -y libsm6 libxext6 && pip install -q -U opencv-python
import cv2
from os import path
from wheel.pep425tags import get_abbr_impl, get_impl_ver, get_abi_tag
platform = '{}{}-{}'.format(get_abbr_impl(), get_impl_ver(), get_abi_tag())
accelerator = 'cu80' if path.exists('/opt/bin/nvidia-smi') else 'cpu'
!pip install -q{accelerator}/torch-0.3.0.post4-{platform}-linux_x86_64.whl torchvision
mkdir lfs
cd lfs
curl -L $(curl | tar xz
sudo ./
cd ..
rm -rf lfs
jph00 /
Last active September 25, 2022 15:42
Update in parallel all repos listed in ~/git/repos, and print status of any that are dirty
#!/usr/bin/env bash
for f in $(<~/git/repos); do
cd ~/git/$f
git pull > /dev/null &
cd - > /dev/null
wait < <(jobs -p)
for f in $(<~/git/repos); do
rwightman / vit-aot.csv
Created July 13, 2022 05:22
timm vit models, eager vs aot vs torchscript, AMP, PyTorch 1.12
model infer_samples_per_sec infer_step_time infer_batch_size infer_img_size train_samples_per_sec train_step_time train_batch_size train_img_size param_count
vit_small_patch16_224 2444.7 104.691 256 224 955.88 267.078 256 224 22.05
vit_relpos_medium_patch16_224 1107.38 231.158 256 224 502.75 253.69 128 224 38.75
vit_base_patch16_224 1013.88 252.477 256 224 358.36 356.433 128 224 86.57
vit_base_patch16_384 288.27 888.045 256 384 102.82 300.795 31 384 86.86
adamdb / NERDTree Commands
Last active July 11, 2023 11:52
A list of useful NERDTree commands.
Use the natural Vim navigation keys hjkl to navigate the files.
Press o to open the file in a new buffer or open/close directory.
Press t to open the file in a new tab.
Press i to open the file in a new horizontal split.
Press s to open the file in a new vertical split.
Press p to go to parent directory.
Press r to refresh the current directory.
Press m to launch NERDTree menu inside Vim.
gnprice / .gitconfig
Last active December 22, 2023 20:53
# This is a snapshot of my ~/.gitconfig file, minus a few bits
# that are obsolete or non-reusable.
# For explanation of each setting, see `git help config`
# or .
name = Greg Price
email =
amaarora / exp_01_Optimizers.ipynb
Created March 14, 2021 00:55
Notebook to compare performance b/w various Optimizers including implementations from scratch.
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