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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Automatically installs swiftenv and run's swiftenv install.
# This script was designed for usage in CI systems.
git clone --depth 1 ~/.swiftenv
export SWIFTENV_ROOT="$HOME/.swiftenv"
if [ -f ".swift-version" ] || [ -n "$SWIFT_VERSION" ]; then
swiftenv install -s
swiftenv rehash

dgholz commented Oct 3, 2016

I'm trying to use 3.0, and I see this in my macOS Travis build:

3.0 has been installed.
swiftenv: version `3.0' is not installed

Which stops the job before tests run. Is there something I should do to install 3.0 the way swiftenv expects?

@dgholz I am getting same issue.

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