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larkery / matrix-client-error.log
Created June 28, 2016 16:24
What happens when I M-x matrix-client
Debugger entered--Lisp error: (unbound-slot "#<class matrix-client-connection>" "#<matrix-client-connection>" token oref)
signal(unbound-slot ("#<class matrix-client-connection>" "#<matrix-client-connection>" token oref))
#[(object class slot-name fn) "\304\305\306!\307 !\n F\"\207" [class object slot-name fn signal unbound-slot eieio-class-name eieio-object-name] 6 "Slot unbound is invoked during an attempt to reference an unbound slot.\nOBJECT is the instance of the object being reference. CLASS is the\nclass of OBJECT, and SLOT-NAME is the offending slot. This function\nthrows the signal `unbound-slot'. You can overload this function and\nreturn the value to use in place of the unbound value.\nArgument FN is the function signaling this error.\nUse `slot-boundp' to determine if a slot is bound or not.\n\nIn CLOS, the argument list is (CLASS OBJECT SLOT-NAME), but\nEIEIO can only dispatch on the first argument, so the first two are swapped."]([object matrix-clien
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larkery / build-network.nix
Created November 19, 2020 15:38
A nix file which makes scripts to deploy a system to digitalocean.
# I have created a monster
# Given an input at networkPath that looks like
# {
# = "test";
# machine-1 = {
# size = "c-32";
# region = "lon1"
# config = {config, pkgs, ...} :
# {