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View dating_cards_drag_swipe_logic.js
/* dragging logic for */
/* by @levelsio */
/* MIT license */
/* <dragging logic> */
$('body').on('mousedown touchstart','.card',function(e) {
if(!currentCardUserId) return;
if($('card.match_card').is(':visible')) return;
if(typeof e.originalEvent.touches !=='undefined') {
/* touch device */
levelsio / log_js_errors.js
Created Dec 15, 2019
Log JS errors as a POST to your server
View log_js_errors.js
// <log errors to server>
window.onerror = function (messageOrEvent, source, lineno, colno, error) {
try {
//error message(string).Available as event (sic!) in HTML onerror = "" handler.
messageOrEvent: messageOrEvent,
//URL of the script where the error was raised(string)
source: source,
//Line number where error was raised(number)
levelsio / getRandomFollower.php
Created Jan 11, 2020
get random Twitter follower from your exported followers.js
View getRandomFollower.php
// str_replace removes the JS part and makes it into a normal JSON file
$followers=json_decode(str_replace('window.YTD.follower.part0 = ','',file_get_contents(__DIR__.'/followers.js')),true);
echo "\n\n";
echo number_format(count($followers)).' followers';
echo "\n\n";
levelsio / levelsio-by.html
Last active Mar 10, 2021
Maker Link (aka the @levelsio by link)
View levelsio-by.html
<!-- Maker Link by @levelsio -->
<!-- MIT License -->
body {
.levelsio-by {
font-family:"Helvetica Neue",sans-serif;
View getRandomFollower.php
echo "\n\n";
echo number_format(count($followers)).' followers';
echo "\n\n";
echo "\n\n";
View twitter_inbox_cleaner.js
// Twitter lets you close your inbox to people you don't follow. The problem
// is that still authorizes ANYONE who sent you a message EVER to continue
// messaging you, even if your privacy settings are changed.
// The only way (I think) to avoid that is to delete every message from a
// person so that Twitter's internal check "did you talk to this person
// before?" results in FALSE. That sucks because maybe you want more privacy
// than before. But it's do-able by deleteing all the message history of each
// conversation.
View canggu.geojson
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View Building an MVP? Need a quick DB? Use JSON!
# Building an MVP?
# Need a quick database you can set up in seconds?
# What about JSON?
# by @levelsio (with help from @marckohlbrugge, @oskarth, @maxdeviant and @kumailht)
# JS
View autoRefundChargebackDispute.php
// this script receives a Stripe dispute / chargeback and:
// - immediately refunds the payment
// - closes the user's account (in my DB, add your own code there)
// this is to automate dispute handling (because you never win a dispute on Stripe anyway)
// and by refunding avoiding the chargeback fee
levelsio / ip_limiter.php
Created Apr 24, 2019
MAKE book IP limiter (req'd by @rashidi_life)
View ip_limiter.php
// check if customer hash correct
$query=$customersDb->prepare("SELECT * FROM customers WHERE secret_hash=:secret_hash");
if(!empty($customer) && $customers[0]['secret_hash']==$_GET['hash']) {