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liamcurry / gist:2597326
Created May 4, 2012 19:56
Vanilla JS vs jQuery
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Moving from jQuery


// jQuery
$(document).ready(function() {
  // code
liamcurry /
Created May 14, 2012 20:24 — forked from markupboy/
automated conversion of a file to all three html5 compatible video formats - h.264, ogg, and webm
# Output file for HTML5 video
# requirements: ffmpeg .6+
# usage: ./ infile.mp4 640x360
file=`basename $1`
filepath=`dirname $1`
liamcurry / FFMpeg - FLAC to Ogg
Created September 18, 2011 17:22
Converting FLAC to various formats
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ffmpeg -i hlah_3.flac -strict experimental -acodec vorbis -aq 100 hlah.ogg
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(type $FUNCSIG$vj (func (param i64)))
(type $FUNCSIG$vii (func (param i32 i32)))
(type $FUNCSIG$ijjjii (func (param i64 i64 i64 i32 i32) (result i32)))
(type $FUNCSIG$ijjii (func (param i64 i64 i32 i32) (result i32)))
(type $FUNCSIG$ijji (func (param i64 i64 i32) (result i32)))
(type $FUNCSIG$iii (func (param i32 i32) (result i32)))
(import "env" "assert" (func $assert (param i32 i32)))
(import "env" "load_i64" (func $load_i64 (param i64 i64 i64 i32 i32) (result i32)))
(import "env" "read_message" (func $read_message (param i32 i32) (result i32)))
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<h1>Hello World!</h1>
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document.body.addEventListener('click', function(e) {
var el =;
if (el.matches('.traffic.widget .tabs__tab')) {
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var _user$project$Native_Thing = function() {
function toHtml(model, factList) {
function render(e) {
console.log('render', e);
var domNode = document.createElement('div');
return domNode;
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var _bitrage_io$bitrage_io$Native_Page_Chart = function() {
var d3 = require('d3');
function toHtml(model, factList) {
return _elm_lang$virtual_dom$Native_VirtualDom.custom(
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"use": [
"cssnano": {
"autoprefixer": false
"postcss-url": {
"url": "inline"