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Jun Lin linjunpop

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body {
font-family: 'HelveticaNeue-UltraLight', 'Helvetica Neue UltraLight', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-weight: 100;
letter-spacing: 1px;
linjunpop /
Created Feb 9, 2022
obsidian-progress taste

Test for the obsidian-progress

linjunpop /
Last active Oct 22, 2021
Github the correct way.

Use Github, the correct way, IMO

  1. DO NOT commit anything on master, except wording change.
  2. Write descriptive commit messages. (The reason for this change.)
  3. Always use $ git pull --rebase.
  4. DO NOT merge PR raised by yourself.
  5. Close related issue after merge in PR. (Closes #123)
  6. Write down everything in github comments, include links, codes, etc.
  7. Let all tests pass before merge any PR. (CI server FTW)
  8. Add link to related issue in the PR.

OTP Test Codes

Sample OTP QR Codes

The following sample codes are not valid for the listed services but should allow basic testing of an authenticator application. Clicking on a QR code image will display just that code so it is easier to scan without interference from the other codes.

You can use this site to generate more QR codes as needed. It will also let you verify the produced codes against its own calculated code.

linjunpop /
Last active Aug 14, 2021
Capybara, Rspec, Rails assets pipeline
linjunpop / concat.ex
Last active May 30, 2021
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defmodule Concat do
def join(a, b) do
IO.puts "***First join"
a <> b
def join(a, b, sep \\ " ") do
IO.puts "***Second join"
a <> sep <> b
linjunpop /
Created Aug 21, 2012
Rails flash messages with AJAX requests

Git basic



  • One commit one small feature or bug fix
  • Include unit test in one commit
  • Exclude non-associated files
  • Don't commit un-finished or wrong code
linjunpop / fetcher.ex
Created Dec 25, 2018
Building A continues data processing system
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defmodule Archiver.Fetcher do
use GenStage
def start_link(args) do
GenStage.start_link(__MODULE__, args, name: __MODULE__)
def init(state), do: {:producer, state}
def handle_demand(demand, state) do