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Making Yapp better all the time and likely working on some Ember.js OSS

Luke Melia lukemelia

Making Yapp better all the time and likely working on some Ember.js OSS
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lukemelia /
Created Apr 5, 2022
Full Stack Engineer, Yapp

Ember, Rails & Mobile at Yapp (Remote)

Yapp is hiring a “full-stack” engineer, with key skills Ember.js & Rails. Join our small, talented team and do the best work of your career!

If you are passionate about your craft and want a chance to work remotely with a great team where you can influence the technology, process, product, and culture, read on!

About Yapp

We enable non-developers to create mobile apps for conference, trainings and employee communications. Yapp combines clean design, simple UX, and innovative mobile technology to empower people that may lack technical and design know-how, or just don't have time, to create and publish these apps in minutes.

lukemelia / serialize_to_jsonapi.rb
Created Jan 21, 2022
Standalone model serialization with JSON::API Resources
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class SerializeToJsonapi
serialization_options: { suppress_self_link: true }
def initialize(
serialization_options = {},
lukemelia /
Last active Jun 3, 2021
WIP deploying waypoint server to EC2 with terraform
set -e
# add docker's own apt repository
curl -fsSL | apt-key add -
add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] $(lsb_release -cs) stable"
# add hashicorp's apt repository
curl -fsSL | apt-key add -
apt-add-repository "deb [arch=amd64] $(lsb_release -cs) main"
View redis-examples.rb
require 'redis'
# SADD key, member
# Adds the specified <i>member</i> to the set stored at <i>key</i>.
redis =
redis.sadd 'my_set', 'foo' # => true
redis.sadd 'my_set', 'bar' # => true
redis.sadd 'my_set', 'bar' # => false
redis.smembers 'my_set' # => ["foo", "bar"]
lukemelia /
Last active Jul 2, 2020
Simple component theming with broccoli.js

My team and I have been working on a new internal component library to share across a few Ember apps. The library is an Ember addon in a private github repo. So far, so good. The off-the-beaten-path part of our requirements is that the components need to be themeable. Specifically, we support a color and a "light" or "dark" aesthetic.

We want a great developer experience for creating and updating these components, so we used ember-freestyle as a devDependency of the library to create a living style guide. We added some UI to allow theme switching and even a checkbox to switch themes every second (thanks ember-concurrency!).

The thing that gave us the biggest challenge was figuring out how to author and apply the styles that were necessarily dynamic. Specifically, the css rules that used the dynamic color.

We decided to organize our styles like so:

lukemelia / generate-reexport-in-app.js
Created Jun 18, 2020
vscode task for re-exporting an ember addon file that is open in the addon dir to the app dir
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// bin/generate-reexport-in-app.js
const fs = require('fs');
const path = require('path');
let args = process.argv.slice(2);
let sourcePath = args[0];
let targetPath = sourcePath.replace(/^addon/,'app').replace(/^\.hbs/, '.js');
let pkg = require('../package.json');
let addonName =;
let sourceModule = sourcePath.replace(/^addon/,addonName).replace(/\.(js|hbs)$/,'');
lukemelia /
Last active Apr 9, 2020
keyboard-shortcut element modifer

An element modifier to attach a keyboard shortcut to an element that has a click method

Example usage:

  <button {{action 'doSomethingCool'}} {{keyboard-shortcut "D"}}>
    [D]o something cool
View yapp-ember-kit_addon_macro-decorators.js
import { reads }, macro from 'macro-decorators';
/* Usage:
* import { hasEnabledFeature } from 'yapp-ember-kit/macro-decorators';
* @reads('yappService.model') yapp;
* @hasEnabledFeature('teleportation') canTeleport;
lukemelia / store-yapp-api-query-blocking.js
Created Jun 17, 2019
Orbit strategy with filter based on whether in cache or not
View store-yapp-api-query-blocking.js
import {
} from '@orbit/coordinator';
export default {
create() {
return new RequestStrategy({
name: 'store-yapp-api-query-blocking',
source: 'store',