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Hiring chip architect at NVIDIA Shanghai office.

Max Lv madeye

Hiring chip architect at NVIDIA Shanghai office.
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ipset create blacklist hash:ip hashsize 4096
iptables -I INPUT -m set --match-set blacklist src -p TCP -j REJECT
ipset add blacklist
madeye / loop
Created Nov 14, 2011
parallel loop
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#include <omp.h>
int main(int args, char **argv) {
int procs = omp_get_num_procs();
#pragma omp parallel
while (1);
return 0;
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22213: shadowsocks-server
08048000 1708K r-x-- /usr/local/go/bin/shadowsocks-server
081f3000 68K rw--- /usr/local/go/bin/shadowsocks-server
08204000 4164K rw--- [ anon ]
08700000 261888K ----- [ anon ]
186c0000 2304K rwx-- [ anon ]
18900000 522240K ----- [ anon ]
b4ad5000 4K ----- [ anon ]
b4ad6000 8188K rw--- [ anon ]
b52d5000 256K rwx-- [ anon ]
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Twitter for iPhone

Consumer key: IQKbtAYlXLripLGPWd0HUA
Consumer secret: GgDYlkSvaPxGxC4X8liwpUoqKwwr3lCADbz8A7ADU

Twitter for Android

Consumer key: 3nVuSoBZnx6U4vzUxf5w
Consumer secret: Bcs59EFbbsdF6Sl9Ng71smgStWEGwXXKSjYvPVt7qys

Twitter for iPad

Consumer key: CjulERsDeqhhjSme66ECg

View nicstat.c
* nicstat - print network traffic, Kb/s read and written. Solaris 8+.
* "netstat -i" only gives a packet count, this program gives Kbytes.
* 25-Jul-2006, ver 0.92 (check for new versions,
* cc -lgen -lkstat -lrt -o nicstat nicstat.c
* USAGE: nicstat [-hsz] [-i int[,int...]] | [interval [count]]
View mrtg.cfg
# Created by
# /opt/local/bin/cfgmaker --global "WorkDir: /opt/local/www/munin" --output /opt/local/etc/mrtg.cfg --ifref=name --ifref=descr public@localhost
### Global Config Options
### Global Defaults
LoadMIBs: /etc/sma/snmp/mibs/IF-MIB.txt
EnableIPv6: no
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case "$1" in
/usr/bin/ulimit -n 51200
/usr/sbin/ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_conn_req_max_q 4096
/usr/sbin/ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_conn_req_max_q0 8192
/opt/local/bin/ss-server -c /root/config.json -f /root/
/opt/local/bin/kill `cat /root/`
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make[1]: Entering directory `/home/max/openwrt/trunk'
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/max/openwrt/trunk/package/libs/toolchain'
if [ -f /home/max/openwrt/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_34kc_uClibc- ]; then rm -f /home/max/openwrt/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_34kc_uClibc- /home/max/openwrt/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_34kc_uClibc-; fi; echo "libc" >> /home/max/openwrt/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_34kc_uClibc-
if [ -f /home/max/openwrt/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_34kc_uClibc- ]; then rm -f /home/max/openwrt/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_34kc_uClibc- /home/max/openwrt/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_34kc_uClibc-; fi; echo "libgcc" >> /home/max/openwrt/trunk/staging_dir/target-mips_34kc_uClibc-0.
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