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Michael Mahemoff mahemoff

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mahemoff / elasticsearch.rake
Created Sep 19, 2012 — forked from jarosan/elasticsearch.rake
Elasticsearch reindex task
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# Run with: rake environment elasticsearch:reindex
# Begins by creating the index using tire:import command. This will create the "official" index name, e.g. "person" each time.
# Then we rename it to, e.g. "person20121001" and alias "person" to it.
namespace :elasticsearch do
desc "re-index elasticsearch"
task :reindex => :environment do
klasses = [Place, Person, Caption]
mahemoff /
Last active Dec 29, 2021
Vim Terminal Mode - A short introduction

Vim has a Terminal Mode!

Since v8.1 (May 2018), Vim has shipped with a built-in terminal. See or type :help terminal for more info.

Why use this? Mainly because it saves you jumping to a separate terminal window. You can also use Vim commands to manipulate a shell session and easily transfer clipboard content between the terminal and files you're working on.

Key Bindings

mahemoff /
Last active Sep 25, 2021
MySQL thread-safe multi-database switching in Rails 5

The code here is a tech demo showing how to switch between databases in Rails 5, in a thread-safe manner.


The simple way to switch databases is:

ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection :user_shard1
puts User.find(1) # this is executed on the database keyed on "user_shard1" in database.yml
ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection :development
mahemoff / uniq.rb
Created Sep 12, 2014
Ensure Sidekiq jobs are unique (if the queue contains several jobs with same class and args, this will delete all but one of them)
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def self.uniq! queue_name
seen_already = { |job|
key = { job.klass => job.args } ? job.delete : seen_already << key
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Created Jan 10, 2012
"Prevent" popstate firing on hash change
currentPathname = null
window.onpopstate = (ev) ->
return if document.location.pathname == currentPathname
currentPathname = document.location.pathname
#... (now handle a real back-button or page load event)
mahemoff / Ansible Disk Check
Last active May 5, 2021
Show disk space and warn about disk full in Ansible
View Ansible Disk Check
* Shows a message while asserting like:
ok: [host] => {
"msg": "disk usage 4.2B of total 20.0GB (21.0%) (should be within limit 90.0%)"
* Note this only looks at first mount point on current node
* Fails if disk is near-full
* Last step pushes to a push-based monitoring service, which will alert us if it doesn't get there after some time
* Need to setup a variable `disk_limit`, which is the max acceptable usage ratio, e.g. set it to 0.8 if you want to keep disks within 80% of max size
View video-client.html
<!-- This is a Node+WebSocket powered demo to sync videos
across different browsers. This file is the client,
the other one is the Node server. Powered by Node and -->
.inactive { display: none; }
.active { display: block; }
mahemoff / gist:07c0c3427aa3eb3c0abc07f76fc68279
Created Sep 15, 2018
Show disk space and warn about disk full in Ansible
View gist:07c0c3427aa3eb3c0abc07f76fc68279
- name: show disk space
debug: msg="{{ ((mount.size_total - mount.size_available) / 1000000000) | round(1,'common') }}GB of {{ (mount.size_total / 1000000000)|round(
1, 'common') }}GB ({{ (100 * ( (mount.size_total - mount.size_available) / mount.size_available)) | round(1, 'common')}}%)"
mount: "{{ ansible_mounts | first }}"
tags: disk
- name: e
mahemoff /
Last active Nov 17, 2020
Persistent Connection Services - Pricing

Here I'm interested in a use case of subscribers keeping a permanent connection open (24/7), but with negligible amount of messages. So I'm only concerned about price per connection, not price per message.

AWS API Gateway

$0.25 per million connection minutes

That's $1 per 4 million connection minutes.