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makcuk / suntrio.conf
Created December 29, 2019 07:52
SAJ SunTrio fetch data using Telegraf
## One or more URLs from which to read formatted metrics
urls = [
## Optional HTTP headers
headers = {"Authorization" = "Basic <auth_token_use_chrome_dev_tools_to_get_it>="}
data_format = "csv"
makcuk / gist:7016b96ae4e20db71ecc32e67141e8d9
Created October 30, 2020 22:43
VIA GA-6VA7 motherboard USB header pinout
That was hard to find and if you are playing with retro computing it can help
p0 +5V | 1 8 | GDN p1
p0 -D | 2 7 | +D p1
p0 +D | 3 6 | -D p1
p0 GND | 4 5 | +5V p1
Took standard 2xUSB header, cut key section and repin one side of connector reverse
makcuk / gist:1779d91a9475d709ae55fdc383e42873
Last active December 13, 2020 22:07
ESPEasy rule to power off relay if mqtt generator event appears
on MQTT#Connected do
on System#Boot do
TaskValueSet 2,1,1
On Rules#Timer=1 do
makcuk /
Created January 29, 2016 21:58
A simple python tun/tap udp tunnel example
# Simple linux tun/tap device example tunnel over udp
# create tap device with ip tuntap add device0 tap
# set ip address on it and run tap-linux on that device and set desitation ip
# run same on another node, changing dst ip to first node
import fcntl
import struct
import os
import socket
import threading