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Marcelo Leiva marceloleiva

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package com.example.twitter;
import oauth.signpost.OAuthConsumer;
import oauth.signpost.OAuthProvider;
import oauth.signpost.basic.DefaultOAuthProvider;
import oauth.signpost.commonshttp.CommonsHttpOAuthConsumer;
import oauth.signpost.exception.OAuthCommunicationException;
import oauth.signpost.exception.OAuthExpectationFailedException;
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function validaRut(campo){
if ( campo.length == 0 ){ return false; }
if ( campo.length < 8 ){ return false; }
campo = campo.replace('-','')
campo = campo.replace(/\./g,'')
var suma = 0;
var caracteres = "1234567890kK";
var contador = 0;
View commit-message-syntax.txt
SCM Post-Commit Message Syntax
To associate an SCM commit with a specific Tracker story, you must include a special syntax in the commit message to indicate one or more story IDs and (optionally) a state change for the story. Your commit message should have square brackets containing a hash mark followed by the story ID. If a story was not already started (it was in the "not started" state), a commit message will automatically start it. For example, if Scotty uses the following message when committing SCM revision 54321:
[#12345677 #12345678] Diverting power from warp drive to torpedoes.
marceloleiva / factories.yml
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Configuración de Symfony 1.0 para memcached
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class: sfCacheSessionStorage
session_name: sfproject #[required] name of session to use
session_cookie_path: / #[required] cookie path
session_cookie_domain: #[required] cookie domain
session_cookie_lifetime: +30 days #[required] liftime of cookie
View base.html
{% load staticfiles %}
<!DOCTYPE html>
<style type="text/css">
@page {
size: a4 portrait;
margin: 1cm;
View gunicorn_start.bash
NAME="hello_app" # Name of the application
DJANGODIR=/webapps/hello_django/hello # Django project directory
SOCKFILE=/webapps/hello_django/run/gunicorn.sock # we will communicte using this unix socket
USER=hello # the user to run as
GROUP=webapps # the group to run as
NUM_WORKERS=3 # how many worker processes should Gunicorn spawn
DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=hello.settings # which settings file should Django use
DJANGO_WSGI_MODULE=hello.wsgi # WSGI module name
marceloleiva / Vagrantfile
Created Jun 16, 2015
Conectar Django remotamente con MySQL en Vagrant
View Vagrantfile = "chef/ubuntu-14.04" "private_network", ip: "" :forwarded_port, guest: 3306, host: 9306
View Gruntfile.js
* Grunt
* $ npm install grunt-contrib-uglify grunt-autoprefixer grunt-contrib-cssmin grunt-contrib-imagemin grunt-contrib-sass grunt-contrib-watch grunt-contrib-concat grunt-contrib-clean grunt-contrib-jshint grunt-notify --save-dev
module.exports = function(grunt) {
// Sass

Guide to install PyQt5 on Mac OS X with python 3.4 virtualenv


A simple guide to install PyQt5 on Mac OS X and use python 3.4 on a virtualenv.


  • python 3.4
  • Qt5
  • SIP
import re
cadena = "open('../Attachment/ViewAttachment.aspx?enc=%2fnzOJlvQE1Q5cGviPAFZ%2fAwP4DzDJBri%2bWK1%2fBimEpHECqkBoS5%2fQKtpmZ8x8fmj8rudm2jNRnGPgHzbTdOH3wtcK8STvRkmfjkfy8XUF6xwUBoBbErAErrL7%2bg3Tt6XjP5AEjY6C3dNZP8NBOhAKlniJExwmfRWBRMuA%2bUju6Isl8ncH617vzflGWloZhbNcolIDIK7lzetNeOBVdzdNVV6Yrz7sbhBYzTkIIjuxmZVoHFTrr7h0sqPmH%2bU5y5iaWXxqB%2f1h7awOfzQPqpOt6sg3ZpXKUvaD6XO8fikAjmcWJ3FqzcS3KRFNfiD4S7V','MercadoPublico', 'width=850, height=700, status=yes, scrollbars=yes, left=0, top=0, resizable=yes');window.event.returnValue=false;"
patron = r".+\?enc=([a-zA-Z0-9%]+)"
patron2 = r".*enc=([^']*).*"
resultado = re.match(patron, cadena)