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markrendle /
Created Jul 6, 2022
Prisoners Riddle
markrendle / TypedClaimsPrincipal.cs
Created Jun 26, 2022
Typed ClaimsPrincipal sketch
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using System.Security.Claims;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http;
namespace TypedClaimsPrincipal;
public interface IClaimsPrincipalProperties<out T>
where T : IClaimsPrincipalProperties<T>
static abstract T Create(ClaimsPrincipal claimsPrincipal);
markrendle / ObsoleteLoggingInterceptor.cs
Last active Jun 10, 2020
gRPC Interceptor to check for an X-Obsolete header
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internal class ObsoleteLoggingInterceptor : Interceptor
private readonly ILogger<ObsoleteLoggingInterceptor> _logger;
public ObsoleteLoggingInterceptor(ILogger<ObsoleteLoggingInterceptor> logger)
_logger = logger;
public override AsyncUnaryCall<TResponse> AsyncUnaryCall<TRequest, TResponse>(TRequest request,
markrendle / Program.cs
Created Apr 14, 2020
Get server URLs in .NET Core 3.1 app
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public static async Task Main(string[] args)
var host = CreateHostBuilder(args).Build();
var task = host.RunAsync();
var serverAddresses = host.Services.GetRequiredService<IServer>()

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am markrendle on github.
  • I am rendle ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDQ0O3lbZRJvt1ZVJW5eOADbKKANZ3TNvT8kAoZq7Ox7go

To claim this, I am signing this object:

markrendle / Program.cs
Created Jul 24, 2019
IndentedTextWriter Async Fail
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using System.CodeDom.Compiler;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
namespace IndentFail
class Program
static async Task Main(string[] args)
markrendle / Client.cs
Last active Jun 7, 2019
.NET Core 3.0 gRPC code
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using Greet;
using Grpc.Core;
namespace ClientApp
class Program
static async Task Main(string[] args)
var channel = new Channel("localhost:50051",
markrendle / ChannelsQueue.cs
Last active May 16, 2022
Better implementation of ChannelsQueue
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public class ChannelsQueue : IJobQueue<Action>
private ChannelWriter<Action> _writer;
public ChannelsQueue()
var channel = Channel.CreateUnbounded<Action>();
var reader = channel.Reader;
_writer = channel.Writer;
View Squares.cs
public static class Squares
public static int Square(int i) => i * i;
public static int SumOfSquares(int i) => Enumerable.Range(1, i).Select(Square).Sum();
markrendle / IXmlSerializable.cs
Last active Mar 2, 2018
SXmlSerializable shape for fixing Jon Skeet's problems in C# 9.0
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The IXmlSerializable interface assumes the mutability of the type the implements it.
Now we have readonly structs, that's not a valid assumption. Ideally, there'd be a static
method that returned a new instance of the type, but you can't have static methods on
interfaces, because reasons.
public interface IXmlSerializable