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Continuously Integrating

Mike Arpaia marpaia

Continuously Integrating
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Last active Oct 14, 2020
Generated release notes for the entire 1.11 release

Action Required

  • kubernetes-worker juju charm: Added support for setting the --enable-ssl-chain-completion option on the ingress proxy. "action required": if your installation relies on supplying incomplete certificate chains and using OCSP to fill them in, you must set "ingress-ssl-chain-completion" to "true" in your juju configuration. (#63845, @paulgear)
  • A cluster-autoscaler ClusterRole is added to cover only the functionality required by Cluster Autoscaler and avoid abusing system:cluster-admin role. (#64503, @kgolab)
  • [action required] TODO (#64792, @luxas)
  • [action required] The structure of the kubelet dropin in the kubeadm deb package has changed significantly. (#64780, [@luxas](https://gi