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use crate::error;
use ellipticoin::{export, get_memory, sender, set_memory};
use wasm_rpc::Value;
use wasm_rpc::error::Error;
enum Namespace {
masonforest /
Last active Apr 8, 2019
A simple tentative Ellipticoin Supply curve
import datetime
import time
# All monetary values are in Ellipticoin Base Units (one onethousandth of an Ellipticoin)
SECONDS_IN_A_YEAR = datetime.timedelta(days=365).total_seconds()
masonforest /
Last active Apr 6, 2019
Tentative Ellipticoin Supply Curve that works out to a supply of 21 million coins
import math
import datetime, time
import time
# This was chosen because it's an exponent of 2
# And it works out to about a year (1.3 years) if blocks are produced every 5 seconds as planned.
# This was chosen because it puts the final issuance sometime in 2031
# If Ellipticoin hasn't caught on by then assume we've failed :/
masonforest /
Last active Mar 29, 2019
Hashfactor is proof of work algorithm inspired by hashcash
# Hashfactor is proof of work algorithm inspired by [hashcash](
# Hashfactor is simpler to implement than hashcash but the result is not a
# hash with leading zeros. This tradeoff is worth-while if you have access to
# a computer to validate proof of work values but you'd like implementation to
# be simpler.
from random import randint
import binascii
import hashlib
masonforest / gist:99e7b694e68dfab06b348f22e179e370
Created Feb 25, 2019
./wavelet --port 3000 --db.path testdb_1 --api.port 9000
View gist:99e7b694e68dfab06b348f22e179e370
2019-02-25T14:33:44Z |INFO| Database has been loaded. db_path: testdb_1
2019-02-25T14:33:44Z |INFO| Successfully seeded the genesis of this node. file: genesis.json num_accounts: 1
2019-02-25T14:33:44Z |INFO| Registered transaction processor service. module: cloud.wasm
2019-02-25T14:33:44Z |INFO| Registered transaction processor service. module: contract.wasm
2019-02-25T14:33:44Z |INFO| Registered transaction processor service. module: money.wasm
2019-02-25T14:33:44Z |INFO| Registered transaction processor service. module: stake.wasm
2019-02-25T14:33:44Z |INFO| Keypair loaded. private_key: 6d6fe0c2bc913c0e3e497a0328841cf4979f932e01d2030ad21e649fca8d47fe71e6c9b83a7ef02bae6764991eefe53360a0a09be53887b2d3900d02c00a3858 public_key: 71e6c9b83a7ef02bae6764991eefe53360a0a09be53887b2d3900d02c00a3858
2019-02-25T14:33:44Z |INFO| Listening for peers. address=tcp://
2019-02-25T14:33:44Z |INFO| Local HTTP API is being served. host: localhost port: 9000
Enter a message: 2019-02-25T14:33:56Z |INFO| Connected t
masonforest / smart_contract.js
Last active Apr 13, 2019
A Javascript class for interacting with smart contracts written for the [Perlin network](
View smart_contract.js
const crypto = require('crypto');
const { StringDecoder } = require("string_decoder");
const fs = require("fs");
const util = require('util');
const writeFile = util.promisify(fs.writeFile);
const readFile = util.promisify(fs.readFile);
const fileExists = util.promisify(fs.exists);
const _ = require("lodash");
const TRANSACTION_ID = new Uint8Array(256);
const ALICE = new Uint8Array(256).fill(1);
View trace_ethereum_transaction.js
var fs = require('fs');
const createKeccakHash = require('keccak');
var jayson = require('jayson');
var transaction = "0x1066b9764832dc6dc710c3e131ee54c68c1b3f1e21de6b3dc8f97ee68ff3f190";
var client = jayson.client.http({
host: "",
port: 8545,
function hash(value) {
View 0x1066b9-trace.json
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
failed: false,
gas: 95244,
returnValue: "",
structLogs: [{
depth: 1,
gas: 174176,
gasCost: 3,
memory: [],
masonforest / run.js
Created Sep 11, 2018
Run transaction at block #177610 in ethereumjs-vm
View run.js
var VM = require('./lib');
const SecureTrie = require('merkle-patricia-tree/secure')
var Account = require('ethereumjs-account');
const StateManager = require('./lib/stateManager.js');
const utils = require('ethereumjs-util')
const rlp = utils.rlp
const ethUtil = require('ethereumjs-util')
masonforest / gist:4df0eb9eb40b436c7c0d06148897f260
Created Sep 3, 2018
Output of `cargo run --features "evm-debug"`
View gist:4df0eb9eb40b436c7c0d06148897f260
parity-ethereum master % cargo run --features "evm-debug"
Compiling parity-rocksdb-sys v0.5.2
Compiling evm v0.1.0 (file:///Users/masonf/src/parity-ethereum/ethcore/evm)
Compiling ethcore-network-devp2p v1.12.0 (file:///Users/masonf/src/parity-ethereum/util/network-devp2p)
Compiling parity-whisper v0.1.0 (file:///Users/masonf/src/parity-ethereum/whisper)
error[E0423]: expected value, found module `informant`
--> ethcore/evm/src/interpreter/
277 | evm_debug!({ informant.before_instruction(reader.position, instruction, info, &self.gasometer.as_mut().expect(GASOMETER_PROOF).current_gas, &stack) });
| ^^^^^^^^^ help: try: `self.informant`
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