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Matt Dray matt-dray

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matt-dray / multi_plot_loop.R
Created Jan 15, 2017
Plot each y column against x and arrange in grids over multiple pages
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library(ggplot2) # for plotting
library(gridExtra) # for arranging plots
# Create example dataframe
df <- data.frame(x = letters[1:10]
, y1 = sample(1:100, 10)
, y2 = sample(1:100, 10)
, y3 = sample(1:100, 10)
, y4 = sample(1:100, 10)
, y5 = sample(1:100, 10)
matt-dray / loop_multi_file_assign_name.R
Created Sep 5, 2017
Loop read multiple files and assign object name based on filename
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# list files in directory (in the format "x_y_z.csv")
list_files <- list.files("file/path")
for (i in seq_along(1:length(list_files))) {
# read the data
matt-dray / loop_specify_combinations.R
Last active Sep 5, 2017
Loop through plots of specified column pairs of a dataframe
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# purpose: loop through plots of specified column pairs of a dataframe
# don't want to compare all possible permutations
# also avoids nested loop of x and y
library(tidyverse) # for tibble and ggplot
# generate example dataframe
test_data <- tibble::tibble(x1 = rnorm(100)
, x2 = rnorm(100)

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matt-dray / bin-using-hist-breaks.R
Created May 9, 2018
Using the binwidths of a histogram object to bin values in the dataframe
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# 1. Fake dataset
df <- data.frame(id = 1:1000, value = sample(10000:50000, 1000))
# 2. Histogram object for accessing binwidths
hist_df <- hist(
df$value, # column of data to be binned
(50000-10000)/500 # bins of width 500 from 10k to 50k
matt-dray / dfe_colour_palette.R
Created May 17, 2018
Convert RGB to hex for dept colour palette
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# Approved colour palette for DfE
# Convert to hex the RGB values provided by the dept
# Matt Dray
# May 2018
# the main need is for plotting stats in publications
# inspiration from
# this may eventually be added to the dfeR package
# function for converting from RGB to hex
matt-dray / Rcrawler-link-extract.R
Created May 22, 2018
Using the Rcrawler package to extract hyperlinks containing certain strings from a website
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matt-dray / swfc_2016_fte.csv
Last active Jun 17, 2018
School Workforce Census 2016: processed version of original CSV containing columns full-time equivalent data and the joining key of URN (establishment Unique Reference Number).
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We can't make this file beautiful and searchable because it's too large.
matt-dray / swfc_2016_headcount.csv
Last active Jun 18, 2018
School Workforce Census 2016: processed version of original CSV containing columns for school details and headcount data.
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We can't make this file beautiful and searchable because it's too large.
201,3614,City of London,100000,Sir John Cass's Foundation Primary School,LA maintained schools,Primary,Inner London,46,15,20,16,1
202,1048,Camden,100005,Thomas Coram Centre,LA maintained schools,Nursery,Inner London,36,3,6,13,8
202,1100,Camden,100006,CCfL Key Stage 4 PRU,LA maintained schools,Not applicable,Inner London,22,7,10,9,2
202,1101,Camden,100007,Camden Primary Pupil Referral Unit,LA maintained schools,Not applicable,Inner London,28,13,15,11,0
202,1103,Camden,134643,CCfL Key Stage 3 PRU,LA maintained schools,Not applicable,Inner London,14,3,5,6,0
202,2000,Camden,136807,St Luke's Church of England Primary,Free Schools,Primary,Inner London,16,4,6,7,1
202,2001,Camden,139837,Abacus Belsize Primary School,Free Schools,Primary,Inner London,12,4,6,5,0
202,2002,Camden,140686,Kings Cross Academy,Academies,Primary,Inner London,2,0,0,1,1
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