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Matthew J. McCullough matthewmccullough

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2012-09-21 GitHub Open Enrollment Notes

Course Topics Overview

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • History of Git and your initial setup
  • Git configuration and its inheritance
  • SSH Authentication and your first repository
matthewmccullough /
Created Sep 13, 2012
Command Line History from San Francisco JUG 2012-09-11 Event

CLI History

git hash-object -t tree /dev/null

git init project1
echo "Hello World" > hello.txt
git add hello.txt
git commit -m"First hello"

printf “blob 12\000Hello World\n” | shasum
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Created Sep 6, 2012
Comox Valley Web Posse GitHub Class

Comox Valley Web Posse GitHub Talks

Git & GitHub Foundations - A 90 Minute Workshop

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Created Sep 5, 2012
Emerge Interactive Lunch and Learn GitHub Training Event on 2012-09-04

Rules of Programming

  • All Development is Interface Driven Development, be it Web, Desktop, Mobile, or API.
  • statics or class methods should be inconsequential and isolated to be used in a production method. Inconsequential means that the method doesn’t go outside the VM to another system, doesn’t block, or requires a hard dependency that isn’t guaranteed.
  • The new keyword should be inconsequential and isolated to be used in a production method, unless it used inside of either a Builder or Factory pattern.
  • If a class has already met the requirements for it’s existence, leave it alone, use the Adapter, Observer pattern or AOP to enhance it’s functionality.
  • Using floating-point may not be a good solution, use an integral based number for the smallest unit in your domain (e.g. seconds, pennies, pence)
  • Copying and pasting the same thing multiple times is a sign that refactoring is in order, but do so after making sure your tests run.
  • Matthew McCullough: The tool you use the most should be the most
matthewmccullough /
Created Aug 6, 2012
GitHub Office Hours Notes from 2012-08-06
  • Differences and benefits of merging versus rebase
  • Rebase
    • Reshaping history
    • Clearer for the next users
  • Preparing for merging feature1 into master
  • Rebase feature
    • Combine commits (2 into 1)
    • Reorder commits (javascript early in the series, the html last)
    • Remove commits
  • Rebase (2 flavors)

GA Git Class Command History

on 2012-07-26

git --version
which git
brew update
View hello.asciidoc

This is body text

Optional Title
Code listing line one

Code listing line two

And more body text.

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Created Jul 14, 2012
GitHub Online Class History for 2012-07-13
git clone git:// practice1
cd practice1
git log

cd ..
git clone practice2
cd practice2
mkdir thousands
cd thousands