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Quicktags API Test
Plugin Name: Quicktags API Test
Description: Testing a few different kinds of Quicktags buttons
Author: Kailey Lampert
Author URI:
add_action( 'admin_print_footer_scripts', 'a_few_different_quicktags_buttons', 100 );
function a_few_different_quicktags_buttons() {
<script type="text/javascript">
QTags.addButton( 'k_01', 'test 1', prompt_user );
function prompt_user(e, c, ed) {
prmt = prompt('Enter something');
if ( prmt === null ) return;
rtrn = '[short]' + prmt + '[/short]';
this.tagStart = rtrn;, e, c, ed);
QTags.addButton( 'k_02', 'test 2', simple_alert );
function simple_alert(e, c, ed) {
QTags.addButton( 'k_03', 'test 3', '[selfclosing/]');
QTags.addButton( 'k_04', 'test 4', '[bookend]', '[/bookend]' );

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@mattyrob mattyrob commented Dec 22, 2011

This adds another API test that implements a button for the HTML tag. It tags input for the title parameter and checks for open tags in QuickTags to make sure we close correctly.

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