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diemuzi / README
Created October 7, 2012 19:44
Apache 2.2.x / 2.4.x FPM Configuration
This configuration is a working copy which I have tested on Apache 2.2.x and 2.4.x
I highly recommend you use this version of mod_fastcgi as it works with Apache 2.4.x, version does not!
The version is 2.4.6, the version I am recommending registers as 2.4.7
To patch mod_fastcgi for use with Apache 2.4.x look at the debian/patches folder. It's not specific to Debian OS so don't let that fool you. I personally use Archlinux.
Of course to compile mod_fastcgi:
View .atoum.macos.php
$script->addTestAllDirectory(__DIR__ . '/tests');
$cloverWriter = new atoum\writers\file('target/logs/atoum.coverage.xml');
$cloverReport = new atoum\reports\asynchronous\clover();