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May run mayrund

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mayrund / check network speed
Last active Dec 26, 2015
Check network speed against cachefly without writing data to physical drive.
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linux: wget -O /dev/null
osx: curl -L -o /dev/null $ dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
mayrund / gist:d91886a9d834a57b1562
Last active Aug 29, 2015
FW & Webmin IP alteration
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sudo nano /etc/iptables.up.rules
sudo iptables-restore /etc/iptables.up.rules
sudo nano /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf
sudo service webmin restart
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Repeat the previous line: !!
View Karabiner Swap Control and Command Keys
<name>Swap Control and Command keys</name>
<autogen>__KeyToKey__KeyCode::TAB, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_R,KeyCode::TAB, ModifierFlag::CONTROL_L</autogen>
mayrund / loadWeb.html
Created Apr 25, 2015
Load site external
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<form name="search" action="loadWeb.php" method="post">
<input type="text" name="search" />
<input type="submit" value="Go!" />
View Get first day of current quarter
#SSAS snippet
=dateadd("q",datepart("q",today())-1,CDate("1/1/" & today().year))
mayrund / Logwatch installation
Created Jul 10, 2015
Logwatch installation
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apt-get install logwatch
vim /etc/cron.daily/00logwatch
add this line:
/usr/sbin/logwatch --output mail --mailto --detail high
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# list all open network connections by PID
lsof -i | grep -E "(LISTEN|ESTABLISHED)"
View ftp_brute_force.rb
require 'socket'
def tcpconnect(username, password)
temp_data = ''
s =$host, 21)
temp_data = s.gets
s.puts("USER #{username}\r\n")
View scrapy new virtualenv
virtualenv --distribute venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install scrapy-redis
git clone
cd scrapy-redis
python install
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