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menduz / game.ts
Last active Feb 3, 2021
loading kernel modules from Decentraland's SDK scene
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executeTask(async () => {
const module = await dcl.loadModule('@decentraland/CommunicationsController')
const rpcResult = await dcl.callRpc(module.rpcHandle, 'send' /* remote method */, [message /* argument list */])
The code avobe is the same as:
import {send} from "@decentraland/CommunicationsController"
menduz /
Last active Jan 22, 2021
Unified NFT naming for blockchain based Metaverses

!! Migrated to !!

A common way to refer to assets across the metaverse projects

Identifying a blockchain asset is difficult. Wallets, exchanges, tools and other pieces of software need to know the specifics about how to interact with the project's infrastructure to get images or to render content. This proposal shows a temptative solution to the content addressing mechanisms to embed our crypto-art, assets, wearables and avatars into metaverse(s).


# install dependencies
brew install pam_yubico
if sc_auth identities | grep PIV --quiet
# run lock with sudo
sudo bash ./
menduz / url-parser.ts
Last active Jan 5, 2021
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* Creates object types compliant with
* ParseUrlParams<"/users/:user_id/:test+"> = { user_id: string, test: string | string[] }
* @public
export type ParseUrlParams<State extends string, Memo extends Record<string, any> = {}> = string extends State
? ParseUrlParams.ParserError<"ParseUrlParams got generic string type">
: State extends `${infer _}:${infer Rest}`
menduz / db.ts
Created Nov 25, 2020
database ts
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import { Pool, PoolClient, QueryResult } from "pg";
import config = require("../config");
import sql = require("sql-template-strings");
if (!config.db) throw new Error("Cannot load config.db");
export const pool = new Pool(config.db);
export async function getClient<T>(
menduz /
Created Nov 24, 2020
How to implement your own Decentraland, quick and dirty


Decentraland run scenes inside a WebWorker, in an ES5 context including Fetch + WebSockets + dcl object.

Every generated scene should run by itself. That is, a piece of code that can be evaluated by an eval in a proper context. You can compile scenes using Webpack, esbuild, or the Decentraland CLI.

The scenes will interact with the renderer using the dcl object.

dcl object

menduz / dataview-polyfill.js
Created Oct 6, 2020 — forked from tjmehta/dataview-polyfill.js
DataView (and ArrayBuffer) polyfill that works in any engine (including old IE).
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void function(global){
if ('DataView' in global && 'ArrayBuffer' in global) {
var hide = (function(){
// check if we're in ES5
if (typeof Object.getOwnPropertyNames === 'function' && !('prototype' in Object.getOwnPropertyNames)) {
var hidden = { enumerable: false };
View scriptsystem.cpp
#include <eternity.hpp>
ScriptSystem::ScriptSystem() {
m_platform = 0;
m_isolate = 0;
m_scriptableCount = 0;
m_scriptablePoolSize = 0;
m_scriptables = 0;
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Script::Script() {
Script::~Script() {
void Script::Initialize(char* src) {
v8::Isolate* isolate = v8::Isolate::GetCurrent();
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