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Mattias Fält mfalt

  • Lund, Sweden
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benvium / smartReadFile.php
Created Sep 19, 2012
PHP File to allow seeking in HTML5 <audio> tag. NOTE: I did not write this, check links in code for credits.
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* Reads the requested portion of a file and sends its contents to the client with the appropriate headers.
* This HTTP_RANGE compatible read file function is necessary for allowing streaming media to be skipped around in.
* @param string $location
* @param string $filename
* @param string $mimeType
* @return void


Syncthing devices that store data in encrypted format. Such a device can participate fully in a cluster, but the information on the device is not directly usable.

Assumptions and Definitions

  • There exists a secret key per folder, known only by devices that can access the unencrypted data. We call these "secure devices".

  • Devices that do not know the secret key can only access encrypted data. We call these "insecure devices".