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Michael Hulse mhulse

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mhulse / stavffEmail.csp
Created Apr 6, 2011
Get staff e-mails via DTI's Content Publisher CMS. Language keywords: CSP (Caché Server Page), COS (Caché Objectscript)
View stavffEmail.csp
<script language="cache" method="email" arguments='name:%String=""' returntype="%String" procedureblock="1">
set return = ""
try {
set currentNS = $znspace
znspace ##class(dt.common.NamespaceProcs).GetLocationsName()
mhulse / relativeDate01.csp
Created Apr 6, 2011
Returns a relative date. Language keywords: CSP (Caché Server Page), COS (Caché Objectscript)
View relativeDate01.csp
<script language="cache" method="timesince" arguments='ts1:%String="", ts2:%String=""' returntype="%String" procedureblock="1">
** Note: dformat/tformat are not currently used.
** Read comments below for more info.
** More info:
mhulse / cleanList.csp
Created Apr 7, 2011
Trim whitespace around items in a delimited string. Language keywords: CSP (Caché Server Page), COS (Caché Objectscript)
View cleanList.csp
<script language="cache" method="OnPreHTTP" arguments="" returntype="%Boolean">
do %response.SetHeader("Content-Type", "text/plain")
quit 1
#[ new string set string = " Top Story , Top Stories , Other Stories , Bulleted Stories " ]#
<script language="cache" method="cleanListM1" arguments='str:%String=""' returntype="%List" procedureblock="1">
mhulse / story.csp
Created Apr 12, 2011
Previous/Next story in section: 2011 update for DTI's Content Publisher (Lightning) CMS 7.6.x!
View story.csp
<dti:file:include base="assets" file="/includes/csp/ Story,Top Stories,Other Stories,Bulleted Stories,Updates" />
mhulse /
Created Apr 21, 2011
Test if document class or assigned to movieclip/sprite in library.
package {
// Imports:
import flash.display.*;
* AS3 test class.
* <p>Tests if this class is a "Document" class
mhulse / nab.csp
Created May 5, 2011
Caché Objecscript CSP method used to extract strings out of other strings.
View nab.csp
<script language="cache" method="nab" arguments='haystack:%String="", from:%String="", to:%String=""' returntype="%String" procedureblock="1">
set return = ""
if ($length(haystack) && $length(from) && $length(to)) {
//set from = "data="""
//set to = """"
mhulse / swfsize.csp
Created May 5, 2011
DTI's Content Publisher CMS: Just experimenting with some code that gets all SWFs attached to a story.
View swfsize.csp
<script language="cache" method="getSwf" arguments='cmsStory:dt.cms.schema.CMSStory=-1' returntype="%ArrayOfDataTypes" procedureblock="1">
set sc = $$$OK
set return = ##class(%ArrayOfDataTypes).%New()
set storyId = cmsStory.story.storyId
set currentNS = $znspace
znspace ##class(dt.common.NamespaceProcs).GetNewsMediaName()
mhulse / cgi.csp
Last active Sep 25, 2015
Caché Objecscript CSP code that obtains/tests for Extra CGI Environment Variables.
View cgi.csp
<li>AUTH_PASSWORD: #($get(%request.CgiEnvs("AUTH_PASSWORD"), "empty"))#</li>
<li>AUTH_TYPE: #($get(%request.CgiEnvs("AUTH_TYPE"), "empty"))#</li>
<li>CONTENT_TYPE: #($get(%request.CgiEnvs("CONTENT_TYPE"), "empty"))#</li>
<li>GATEWAY_INTERFACE: #($get(%request.CgiEnvs("GATEWAY_INTERFACE"), "empty"))#</li>
<li>HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET: #($get(%request.CgiEnvs("HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET"), "empty"))#</li>
<li>HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE: #($get(%request.CgiEnvs("HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE"), "empty"))#</li>
<li>HTTP_AUTHORIZATION: #($get(%request.CgiEnvs("HTTP_AUTHORIZATION"), "empty"))#</li>
<li>HTTP_COOKIE: #($get(%request.CgiEnvs("HTTP_COOKIE"), "empty"))#</li>
<li>HTTP_REFERER: #($get(%request.CgiEnvs("HTTP_REFERER"), "empty"))#</li>
mhulse / html5example.html
Created May 15, 2011
HTML5 example code.
View html5example.html
<div id="container">
<!-- Site logo/flag here -->
mhulse / test.css
Created May 20, 2011
HTML5 bare bones template with Selectivizr and jquery (code used to find a bug with the JS and background image).
View test.css
#container {
padding: 5em;
padding: 10px;
#flag {
line-height: 1;
text-indent: -999em;
width: 79px;
height: 48px;
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