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ELF Header

The first portion of any ELF file is the ELF header. This generally provides offsets to other headers (program headers and section headers) within an ELF.

typedef struct {
  unsigned char e_ident[EI_NIDENT];
  uint16_t e_type;
moteus / install_lua.txt
Last active Apr 4, 2019
Lua/Luarocks Install instruction on Windows
View install_lua.txt
-- make and install lua --
1. Download install
2. Download and unpack Lua source (
Tested on Lua 5.1.5 and 5.2.2
3. Make Lua
- run mingw builds terminal
- cd to lua src dir
- run mingw32-make mingw
moteus / prefix_tree.lua
Created Jun 21, 2013
Finds longest prefix from prefix list for given string
View prefix_tree.lua
-- Общие функции для работы с деревом --
local default_compare = function(lhs, rhs) return lhs == rhs end;
local default_char_set = {'0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9'};
--Удаляет все пустые ветви в дереве
local pack_empty
moteus / mkforwardlib.lua
Created Jan 9, 2014
Create proxy dll library on Windows. This script use `dumpbin` to list all export symbols. Example: `mkforwardlib lua51 lua5.1 X86` create lua5.1.dll as proxy to lua51.dll
View mkforwardlib.lua
local reallib
local fakelib
local machine
local extrasymbols = {}
local args = {...}
local errmsg
if args[1] then reallib = args[1] end
if args[2] then fakelib = args[2] end
if args[3] then machine = args[3] end
moteus / dbf.lua
Created Aug 22, 2016
Basic IO for dbf file format.
View dbf.lua
local printf = function(...) return print(string.format(...)) end
local function prequire(...)
local ok, mod = pcall(require, ...)
if ok then return mod end
return nil, mod
local function iif(cond, val1, val2)
if cond then return val1 end return val2
moteus / multi_request.lua
Last active Apr 13, 2018
Run multiple curl requests from coroutines simultaneously
View multi_request.lua
local cURL = require ""
local json = require ""
local MultiRequests = {} do
MultiRequests.__index = MultiRequests
local self = setmetatable({}, MultiRequests)
return self:__init(...)
moteus / cache_perf.lua
Last active Nov 23, 2017
Basic cache perfomance test for FusionPBX
View cache_perf.lua
-- to run test
-- * copy file to ${script_dir}\cache_perf.lua
-- * in some domain create varialble
-- category: test
-- subcategory: test
-- type: bool
-- value: false
-- * copy domain uuid to `domain_uuid` variable
-- * from fs_cli run `lua cache_perf.lua 1000`
-- (1000 is number of iteration)
View gw_monitor.lua
--- Service for FusionPBX to monitor on gateway status
-- and send email notification when gateway change its status.
-- Require FusionPBX 4.3 or higher
-- start: `fs_cli -x 'luarun gw_monitor.lua'`
-- stop: `fs_cli -x 'lua service gw_monitor stop'`
-- pid file: `${script_dir}/run/`
local email = 'mail@address'
moteus / fusion_backup.lua
Last active Nov 2, 2017
Backup FusionPBX
View fusion_backup.lua
local FS_DIR = 'c:/FreeSWITCH'
local FUSION_DIR = 'c:/wamp/www/fusionpbx'
local NGINX_DIR = 'c:/nginxwin'
local PHP_DIR = NGINX_DIR .. '/php_5.4'
-- local PASSWORD = '' -- password to pgsql (optional)
-- local BACKUP_DIR = '' -- target directory (default cwd)
local path = require "path"
local date = require "date"
moteus / registry.lua
Created Oct 19, 2017
Implementation registry in lua
View registry.lua
local Registry = {} do
Registry.__index = Registry
function Registry:new()
return setmetatable({_r = {0}}, {__index = self})
function Registry:ref(value)
local registry = self._r
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