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mynomoto / profile.boot
Created Jun 15, 2016 — forked from arichiardi/profile.boot
Profile.boot for postgres in a docker
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(require '[boot.pod :as pod])
(def pod-deps '[[boot/core "2.6.0" :scope "test"]
[adzerk/env "0.3.0" :scope "test"]
[me.raynes/conch "0.8.0" :scope "test"]])
(deftask postgres []
(let [pod (future (pod/make-pod (update-in (get-env) [:dependencies] into pod-deps)))]
(with-pass-thru _
(pod/with-eval-in @pod
View app.cljs.hl
(:refer-hoplon :exclude [main body])
(:refer-clojure :exclude [meta])
(:require-macros [ :as app])
(:require [app.routes :as routes]
[app.integrations :as int]
[ :as global]))
(def meta html-meta)
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(ns styles.hoplon
(:require garden.compiler
(defmethod hoplon.core/do! :garden
[el _ v]
; Replace all the inline styles on an element with css generated by Garden.
; Obviously does not play nice with other methods of setting inline styles.
(let [vs (if (sequential? v) v [v])
css (garden.compiler/compile-style vs)]
View inline.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'base64'
require 'nokogiri'
require 'uri'
def main
html = Nokogiri::HTML($
View form.cljs.hl
(ns ui.form
(:refer-hoplon :exclude [select input textarea label form])
(:require [ui.form.input :as input]
[ui.button :as button]
[ui.modal :as modal]
[ui.grid :as grid]
[ui.filters :as filters]
[ :as link]
[ui.util :as util]
[ui.icon :as icon]
View clojure_spec_missing_piece.clj
;; clojure.spec's missing piece, work in progress
;; this is only halfway done, somebody else will need to do the other 95%
'[clojure.spec :as s]
'[clojure.spec.test :as test])
(defn naive-english-explain
"Copy and paste this into your app. Figure out what it does by
trying it in production."
mynomoto / react_relay.clj
Created Apr 5, 2017 — forked from domkm/react_relay.clj
This is an incredibly hacky ClojureScript wrapper for Relay 0. While we used this in production at one point, I would recommend against doing so. I'm only uploading it for posterity. Relay 1, which decouples the React wrapper from the GraphQL client, will enable us to write a good CLJS wrapper, as opposed to this abomination.
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(ns broadbrim.react-relay
[cljs.core :refer [specify! this-as js-arguments js-obj]]
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as str]
[ :as macro]
[me.raynes.conch :as conch]
[sablono.core :as sablono]
[taoensso.timbre :as log]))
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set -e
die () {
echo "$@"
exit 1
limit_memory () {

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