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Martin Sugioarto nakal

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nakal / tcpserver.hs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Threaded TCP-Server in Haskell (IPv4/IPv6)
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import Network.Socket as N
import Control.Concurrent
serverPort :: PortNumber
serverPort = 8080
main = do
sock <- N.socket N.AF_INET6 N.Stream N.defaultProtocol
N.setSocketOption sock N.ReuseAddr 1
N.setSocketOption sock N.ReusePort 1
nakal / Lockpattern.hs
Created Dec 8, 2014
Generate a random 3x3 unlock pattern for Android devices
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File: Lockpattern.hs
This programm calculates a pattern for the 3x3 lock screen in Android
devices. It outputs the path in form of a matrix with numbered
finger positions.
import System.Random
nakal / PamTest.hs
Created Jan 14, 2015
PAM authentication test in Haskell
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import System.Posix.PAM
main = do
res <- authenticate "system" "user" "pass"
case res of
Left a -> putStrLn $ "error: " ++ pamCodeToMessage a
Right () -> putStrLn "success"
nakal / hdm.hs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
First try for hdm
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import System.IO.Error
import System.Posix.Process
import Graphics.X11.Xft
import Graphics.X11.Xlib.Context
import Graphics.X11.Xlib.Display
import Graphics.X11.Xlib.Event
import Graphics.X11.Xlib.Misc
import Graphics.X11.Xlib.Screen
import Graphics.X11.Types
import Graphics.X11.Xlib.Window
nakal / fibonacci.hs
Created Sep 11, 2015
Fibonacci stuff
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-- return the nth fibonacci number
fib n = fst $ (foldr1 (.) (replicate n $ \(f1, f2) -> (f2, f1 + f2) )) (0,1)
View vimrc_local
" ***** Start project directory local vimrc files
let s:start_dir=getcwd()
while s:start_dir != '/' && empty(glob(s:start_dir . '/.git'))
let s:start_dir=fnamemodify( s:start_dir, ':h')
if s:start_dir != '/'
let s:vimrc_path = s:start_dir . '/.vimrc'
nakal / endian.c
Created Oct 31, 2015
Endianness test for C (untested)
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#include <stdio.h>
int is_little_endian(void)
char buf[sizeof(unsigned int)];
*(unsigned int *)buf = 1u;
return (int)buf[0];
nakal / is_ascii.c
Created Dec 30, 2015
C program that checks if the given STDIN stream is standard ASCII
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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main(void)
int found_non_ascii = 0;
while (!ferror(stdin) && !feof(stdin)) {
size_t s;
WEECHAT_PID=`pgrep -U weechatuser weechat`
if [ -p "$WEECHAT_PIPE" ]; then
nakal / ssl-ca-check.c
Last active May 3, 2016
SSL self-made CA verification samples
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const char * ca_pubkey =
void init(void)
/* these both are called only once for the entire application */