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narrowtux / countdown.html
Created September 17, 2023 06:00
Simple HTML page that shows a countdown in the center, with nudges when it's lower than 2 minutes.
<!doctype html>
body {
color: white;
background: black;
font-family: "Helvetica", Arial, sans-serif;
narrowtux /
Created September 14, 2022 07:46
Distributed Erlang with WSL in the mix

Distributed Erlang with WSL


  • Set the same erlang cookies (~/.erlang-cookie or :erlang.set_cookie :abc)
  • On the WSL machine, use ifconfig to find out the IP address of the WSL machine
  • Start nodes with FQDN using their IP address as hostname: iex --name main@[ip] -S mix [command]
  • On the WSL machine, run epmd -names to find the port of the erlang node that has just been started
  • On the WSL host, run these commands in powershell:
narrowtux / polymorphic_embed.ex
Created February 25, 2020 15:56
Polymorphic Embeds
defmodule PolymorphicEmbed do
@moduledoc """
Allows you to embed with an unknown schema at compile time.
The schema is decided by a `type_field` which could be an elixir module,
but also an enum which can be converted into a module with an `embedded_schema`.
use Ecto.Type
narrowtux / userconfig.cfg
Created April 25, 2019 14:41
CS 1.6 config
violence_hblood 6
violence_hgibs 6
violence_ablood 6
violence_agibs 6
hud_fastswitch "1"
bind "F1" "vesthelm; defuser"
bind "F2" "ak47; m4a1"
bind "F3" "galil; famas"
bind "F4" "sg552; aug"
let child = require("child_process")
let source_map = require("source-map")
let SourceMapConsumer = source_map.SourceMapConsumer
let path = require("path")
var crypto = require('crypto');
module.exports = function(source, sourceMap) {
var self = this
narrowtux / repo_stream.ex
Created October 9, 2017 09:18
Module for Ecto and GenStage to work together when you want to use in conjunction with a GenStage subscriber or a Flow.
defmodule RepoStream do
defmodule Producer do
use GenStage
defstruct [:demand, :pid]
def start_link() do
GenStage.start_link(__MODULE__, self())
narrowtux / libcluster_rabbit.ex
Created September 20, 2017 12:02
RabbitMQ strategy for libcluster
defmodule Cluster.RabbitStrategy do
use GenServer
use Cluster.Strategy
import Cluster.Logger
alias Cluster.Strategy.State
@routing_key "cluster.heartbeat"
def start_link(opts) do
defmodule Swarm.DynamicSupervisor do
use GenServer
require Logger
defstruct [
narrowtux / wifi_sleep.lua
Last active August 14, 2017 08:36
Remedy for a sleep problem my MacBook Pro late 2016 has.
displaySleep = false -- Need better way to determine initial state of this variable. But it should be the truth most of the time.
systemSleep = false
function handleCaffeinateUpdates()
wifiPower = hs.wifi.interfaceDetails().power
if displaySleep and systemSleep and wifiPower then
print("Disabling WiFi before going to sleep")
elseif not displaySleep and not systemSleep and not wifiPower then
print("Woke up - enabling wifi")