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nbenn /
Created Oct 8, 2018
Install xgboost r-pkg on Mac OS 10.14 with openMP
export C_INCLUDE_PATH=$(/usr/local/clang-7/bin/llvm-config --includedir)
export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=$(/usr/local/clang-7/bin/llvm-config --includedir)
export LIBRARY_PATH=$(/usr/local/clang-7/bin/llvm-config --libdir)
git clone --recursive
cd xgboost
cp make/
# make edits such that
# export CC = /usr/local/clang-7/bin/clang
nbenn / install-gitlab.R
Last active May 19, 2016
Fetch latest build artifact from gitlab and install as R package.
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#' Install an R package hosted as a build artifact on gitlab
#' Gitlab supports the storage of build artifacts which may be utilized as
#' distribution mechanism for code binaries. Applying this to scheme to R, a
#' build task may be defined (for example for each tagged commit), yielding a
#' .zip file of the tar.gz package produced by R CMD build. This function
#' fetches the most recent build artifact and installs it as a package.
#' @param gitlab A string representing the base url of the gitlab host
#' @param name The name of the package repository
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