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oAuthd authentication configurations


	"name": "23AndMe",
    "desc": "23andMe is a personal genetics service. 23andMe offers individual genome and DNA testing and information. The 23andMe API allows developers to access and integrate the data from 23andMe with other applications and to create new applications. Individuals consent to giving third-party access to the 23andMe data. Some example API methods include accessing user information, retrieving profiles, and getting information on genotypes",
	"url": "",
	"oauth2": {
		"authorize": "/authorize",
netmilk / zeit-now-env-vars.txt
Created Oct 21, 2018
Zeit Now Default Environment Variables Dump
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PATH: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin
HOSTNAME: 6232f98df0bd
NOW: 1
NOW_DC: bru1
NOW_REGION: now-bru
AUTH_TOKEN: f8b82b618044dd02b1fff5f0a22af6f2b11707eb15b17bdb5799e554c4d4b751
DEPLOYMENT_ID: U8pvE1U82S69peP8Xrwm9wok
TEMP: /tmp
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netmilk /
Last active Sep 16, 2017
REST Full JSON example

Cars API

Car [/car{?id}]

 "id": "1",
 "url": "/car?id=1",
 "maker": "vw"
netmilk / apiary.apib
Created Apr 11, 2017
Fixed-type MSON array minimal example
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# Fixed-type Example MSON
## Resource [/resource]
### Action [GET]
+ Response 200 (application/json)
netmilk / apary.apib
Created Apr 7, 2017
Complex MSON enums usage in API blueprint
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# API with enums
# Resource [/resourc]
## Action [POST]
+ Request (application/json)
+ Attributes
netmilk / embed-environments.apib
Created Nov 23, 2016
Embed environments configuration
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# Data Structures
## Environments (array)
### Items
- (Environment)
## Environment
- label (optional)- The label to be rendered in the Machine colunm in the examples and in the console
netmilk /
Created Oct 8, 2013
Super simple example API Blueprint for testing REST APIs demo


Machines API

The Example API for Dredd API Blueprint testing tool

Group Machines

Machines collection [/machines]

netmilk / apiary.apib
Last active Apr 14, 2016
MSON Inheritance and Reference with an Object in an Array with bad syntax
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# MSON Inheritance and Reference in Body Attribuets in Embed
[Documentation in Apiary](
## Links to customized embeds
- [Custom mahine column ](
- [Custom human column ](
- [Another Custom machine column](
netmilk / apiary.apib
Created Mar 7, 2016
MSON Array of arrays of arrays
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# MSON Array of arrays of arrays
# GET /polygon
+ Response 200 (application/json)
+ Attributes (Complex Polygon)
+ Body
[[[0, 0], [0, 5], [5, 5], [0, 5], [0, 0]], [[1, 1], [4, 1], [4, 4], [1, 4], [1, 1]]